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weather and road car accident claims
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, nearly 1.2 million weather-related car accidents occur every year. The result of those 1.2 million accidents was nearly 5,000 deaths and over 400,000 injuries. Weather and road conditions can play a significant role in personal injury claims resulting from car accidents: They’ll affect how insurance...
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personal injury attorney
In law, the attorney-client privilege promises that all communication between an attorney and their client will remain confidential. If, however, an attorney communicates with their client in front of a third party, the attorney-client privilege may not apply. Attorney-client privilege is crucial for all types of personal injury cases, especially for those involving sexual assault....
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personal injury case
Did you know that almost 95% of all personal injury claims are usually settled outside of court? When a personal injury settlement is reached outside of court, the parties involved reach a mutual agreement, and a trial before a judge and jury is no longer necessary. However, for the 5% that do go to trial,...
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car accident claim
Technology can help to prove car accident liability, keep drivers safe, and increase situational awareness on the road. Still, it can lead to distracted driving and over-reliance on enhanced safety features. Dash-cam footage, 360-degree cameras, or event data recorder (EDR) information may be used to prove who the at-fault driver was. Even standard technology, like...
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sexual assault attorneys
The #MeToo movement, as it’s known today, doesn’t merely seek to raise awareness of sexual assault and help its victims stand up for themselves: It also seeks to enforce offender accountability and hold them fully responsible for the ramifications of their actions. Since the movement’s popularization in 2017, several notable and high-profile individuals, like Bill...
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property owners personal injury claims
Under California premises liability law, property owners have a duty of care. This makes them responsible for warning others of potential hazards and dangers on their property. The property owner’s responsibility is to discover, announce, and take care of all hazards or dangers their property may pose to others. The landlord must maintain their property...
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car accident settlement
Settlements, though often preferred alternatives to trials by jury, carry questions of their own, not the least of which are, “How long will this settlement take?” and “How much can I expect to get?” These questions pertain most especially to car accident settlements: Personal injury claims resulting from car accidents tend to settle 90% to...
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personal injury
A personal injury can indeed impact future earnings. While it’s common to compensate the plaintiff for relevant costs incurred in the past, they may also be awarded “future damages,” which compensate them for future earnings they may lose or costs they would incur due to their injuries. Past damages are easier to calculate as they’re...
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Burden of Proof in Your Car Accident Claim
“Burden of proof” is a term that many people have heard before, but not everyone knows what it means. It deals with the amount of evidence required by law to show that someone’s guilty in civil or criminal cases. When it comes to car accidents, the claimant must prove that someone else is at fault...
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car accident damage
After a car accident, it often takes time for the financial damage to become clear. When the dust settles, you may have to face expenses for everything from replacing your car to perhaps even an ambulance ride and hospital stay. Your insurer might help with the vehicle, but your coverage could also fall short. If...
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