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Alex Murdaugh Retrial
In a groundbreaking development, the South Carolina appeals court has granted Alex Murdaugh the opportunity to petition a new judge for what will be the Alex Murdaugh retrial, potentially overturning his murder convictions and life sentence. This remarkable turn of events was triggered by allegations from Murdaugh’s legal team, who assert that the court clerk...
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sideswipe accidents
Sideswipe accidents occur when two parallel cars collide and are a frequent yet overlooked cause of road trauma. These accidents typically happen due to various factors, such as blind spot misjudgments, abrupt lane changes, or distracted driving. While they might seem minor compared to head-on collisions, you should not underestimate the repercussions of a sideswipe...
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aggressive driving
Road rage, a growing peril in our fast-paced society, involves aggressive driving and violent behaviors due to frustrating driving conditions.   This blog aims to delve into the psychology of road rage, illuminating how such unbridled aggression jeopardizes lives and influences liability in aggressive driving accidents.   Our experience as personal injury attorneys affords us...
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