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Have you recently suffered a serious injury as a result of a serious accident, and you are now seeking compensation for your medical bills, as well as pain and suffering? If you’ve come to a point where you are ready to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you in any negotiations or legal proceedings, there are several important questions that you should ask ahead of time. Here are the top five questions you should ask a personal injury attorney:

1. Can your personal injury attorney handle my case?

A good personal injury lawyer knows what they are capable of doing in terms of the legal points of your situation. They go to court and represent their clients on a regular basis, so they are familiar with how the system works. You want to hire a lawyer who is ready to fight for you which is something that you can always count on when you trust the team at HHJ Trial Attorneys.



2. What information do I need to provide to my personal injury attorney in San Diego? 

It’s never advisable that you attempt to represent yourself against an insurance company. In order to ensure that you receive the best legal counsel, your lawyer will require a firsthand account of the accident. You should always provide us with certain details associated with your case. This includes:

  • Medical histories
  • Documents from insurance companies
  • Hospital bills and medical receipts


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3. What are my odds of obtaining a legal settlement? 

Ultimately, you are seeking financial compensation for your injuries, and a lawyer is going to assess whether or not this is possible. They will explore every legal recourse at their disposal so that you have the best possible chance of receiving a successful outcome.

Once the attorney completes their assessment, we will be able to give a better understanding of your odds of winning your case and what you can expect in terms of a potential settlement.


4. What will I have to pay upfront?

Most personal injury lawyers offer what they call a contingency fee. This means that you don’t have to pay your lawyer anything until you receive financial compensation through the legal process. This is the typical situation for the personal injury attorneys at HHJ.  We guarantee that you will not have to pay any attorney fee or other costs unless your case is successful which is why we only pick cases that we know will win.


5. Which personal injury attorney attorney will be handling my case?

Every attorney at HHJ Trial Attorneys is well-versed in the nuances of personal injury law. With years of experience in this field of law, you can rest assured that we will pair you with the personal injury attorney in San Diego that we believe can best handle your matter.


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Schedule An Appointment with One of Our Personal Injury Attorneys Today 

Ultimately, you want to feel confident in the abilities of your personal injury lawyer. By working with the team at HHJ Trial Attorneys, you can rest assured that your matter will be handled by a competent and experienced attorney who has your best interests in mind. Whether you need an advocate when it comes to dealing with insurance companies or your case needs to go to trial, we strive to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that we’re fighting for you. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.


Testimonial from Dylan, Auto Accident Victim and Satisfied Client 

When my family was affected by an auto accident, I reached out to HHJ Trial Attorneys. I learned they were highly recommended and respected amongst their peers. HHJ treated my family as their own from the very beginning. From start to finish they maintained constant communication with us and ensured we were in good care. I don’t wish anyone ever has to experience a hardship of which attorneys are needed, but if you do I strongly encourage you to call HHJ. Special thanks to Mike Hernandez and Shelby Cardoza for being there for my family when we needed it most. True professionals.

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