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5 Steps You Should Take If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Of all the accidents that can occur on the road, few are as frightening or potentially deadly as motorcycle crashes. Even when you’re wearing protective clothing and a helmet, there is a high risk of serious injuries. In 2019 alone, nearly 500 motorcyclists in California suffered fatal injuries in crashes. Many more who experience this event can face staggering medical bills plus the lost value of their property.


Knowing what to do before you find yourself in this unfortunate position is essential. If you’ve already experienced an accident, it’s just as crucial to understand the sequence of events as soon as possible which always includes reaching out to a motorcycle accident lawyer. Doing so could have an impact on the type of compensation you receive from insurance agencies and the potential to pursue civil action if the other parties involved were at fault.


Step One: Contact the Police Immediately

A police report laying out the accident scene and the probable sequence of events will be one of your most valuable assets as we advance. You must call the police or request someone else as soon as possible to preserve the details of the accident scene. A police report will also make it much harder for an insurance company to raise disputes about any claims you make related to the accident.


Step Two: If Possible, Collect Crash Site Evidence

If you can, take photographs of the crash site. Try to get the other driver’s information while they are still on the scene, assuming it wasn’t a hit-and-run accident. Take photos of your motorcycle, the other car, and even of yourself (when possible). Document important nearby features such as traffic signs and lights that may have played a role in the accident.


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Step Three: Accept Medical Treatment and Follow Directions

It is imperative that you seek professional medical help, especially because motorcycle accidents tend to produce severe injuries, including some which you may not notice immediately. Follow the directions provided to you by doctors. Later, you will have an easier time avoiding disputes and proving the serious nature of your injuries to your insurance company. If the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, you would also need this information to showcase the consequences of their actions.


Step Four: Notify Your Insurance Company

It would be best to let your insurance company know about an accident as soon as possible to begin the claim process. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your claim in the future. They will also use your notification as grounds to begin working with the other driver’s insurance to pay out a claim. Don’t accept settlement offers or sign papers without first asking someone to review the information.


Step Five: Seek out Professional Legal Representation

With potential negligence in play, you may have a civil claim to file against the responsible party. You may also encounter problems with insurance that could leave you without the vital cash you need following an accident. At this stage, you should strongly consider taking the next steps to secure representation from a personal injury attorney for yourself in this matter.


Find Help with Your First Steps After an Accident Today

At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we have thousands of hours of courtroom experience and a list of successes hundreds of cases long. With this level of expertise and understanding, we can capably handle your motorcycle accident claim. Ensure that you have the best chance of receiving the just compensation you deserve for this unfortunate event by allowing one of our personal injury attorneys in San Diego represent you. To discuss the facts about what happened to you and explore the potential to pursue your case, please consult with us today.


Testimonial from Miguel, Family Member of a Satisfied Client 

I referred a family member who had been involved in a motorcycle accident and HHJ went above and beyond. They were able to resolve the case for much more than ever expected and really helped explain every step of the process to them. They even went as far as to provide some great advice on what to do with all of the money he received to ensure he didn’t blow it all being that he was younger. Because of their hard work and the results I have seen I refer anyone who asks me about a good personal injury attorney. Everyone I have referred has nothing but great things to say about them and so I know that they really know what they are doing.

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