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What happens if I was involved in a car accident and I get the police report and it puts me at fault? Am I not able to pursue a claim? Do I not have a case?


My name is Elliott Jung. I’m a car accident attorney in San Diego and one of the partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys and today I want to talk about that. What do I do in that situation? We’ve had many clients come to us that were involved in a bad accident and then they show us a police report and it puts them at fault. That does not necessarily mean that you cannot pursue a claim.


We can do our own investigation. We can figure out if there’s other surveillance videos and figure out if that report is truly accurate. Remember the officers, the deputies are generally there after something is happening and they’re just collecting information and sometimes they get it wrong.


So if you’ve been involved in an accident, you do not know whether or not you were at fault and you have been injured, please feel free to reach out to our personal injury attorneys in San Diego so that we can help you through that process. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. 


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