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What is the benefit of working with a Trial Attorney

Why do you need a trial attorney?

My name is Elliot Jung and I am a personal injury attorney and I’m one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. People often ask me why they need a trial attorney after being injured in some type of accident or receiving a serious injury.

I’ll tell you why.

The moment that injury happens, the insurance company that represents the at-fault party is going to be assigned to the case. There is one threat – one threat – to that insurance company and that’s going to be somebody that’s willing to take the case to trial.

Why is that?

If you think about it, there’s really two scenarios where somebody is assigning the value of your damages, your injuries. Either it can be the insurance company or it’s going to be a jury. Most of the time, a jury is going to give you the full value of what’s happened to you and what you’ve been dealing with. The business – the insurance company- is not. They’re going to discount your claim. They’re going to try to cut it in half or into a fourth.

That’s why when you have somebody that’s actually willing to take your case to trial and the insurance company knows that that that’s a possibility, that is the best attorney that you can have to represent you and that’s what we do.

If you have more questions, please get in touch with us.

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