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Whether you’ve slipped on a wet floor at the mall and broken your hip, or you’ve been in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you’ll be feeling emotional and overwhelmed. Let us help navigate the paperwork and if it becomes necessary, a court trial for a successful outcome. Learn more about how hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to manage your personal injury claim benefits you in seven discernable ways.

What Is Personal Injury?

A personal injury claim involves a physical injury caused by another party, which may also have resulted in emotional or mental trauma, pain, and suffering. Typically, this involves injury due to a lack of or under-maintenance of sites or through another’s reckless behavior.

Another type of personal injury can occur in sexual harassment situations, that is, in the case of unwanted physical or verbal interference. This type of abuse is not only physically or emotionally traumatic; it can cause alienation in the workplace, loss of income, and mental difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Laws governing the workplace entitle every employee to a safe and respectful working environment. Victims of this type of aggression can rightfully and legally file a personal injury claim against their employers.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

While other injury claims such as workmen’s compensation for unavoidable accidents endeavor to cover your medical and other bills and loss of income at the time of the incident, personal injury claims go beyond your strictly material needs. This type of claim also seeks to compensate you for future earning losses, ongoing medical or rehabilitation expenses, and less tangible or ‘hedonic’ ways in which the incident has compromised your quality of life – physically, emotionally or intellectually.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Seven crucial advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer, should you find yourself needing to make a personal injury claim, include:

  • Peace of mind: In your vulnerable or disabled state, attempting to prepare, submit and manage your claim is daunting. Hiring a knowledgeable and capable professional to file your case efficiently and quickly will take that weight off your mind and leave you free to recover and heal in peace.
  • An objective point of view: From their neutral position, your lawyer will be in a position to state your case clearly and objectively, ensuring your claim is substantiated, viable and credible to maximize your chances of a favorable settlement.
  • Sound and informed guidance and advice: Instead of adding to your frustration by trying to guess, or floundering when it comes to what needs doing, let your lawyer do the research and worry about the details.
  • Experience and proficiency: Should your claim come under deliberation, your lawyer has the training and experience to plead your case and increase the chances of a ruling in your favor.
  • Optimized compensation faster: Your representative’s knowledge of the law and well-honed negotiation skills can result in payment and other outcomes made available sooner.
  • Proper medical care: Association with a personal injury professional may prompt faster and more comprehensive medical treatment, which may make all the difference in your recovery. In addition, your lawyer’s influence can ensure the best and most effective care in the future.
  • An equal playing field: Last but not least, your attorney’s presence, experience, know-how, and clout provide a better power balance. With large corporations and insurance entities frequently contesting claims and denying accountability, adequate legal representation strengthens your hand, offering you a louder, legally informed voice and a greater chance of success.

In short, you can’t afford not to hire a professional personal injury lawyer for the sake of your future physical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial security.

How HHJ Trial Attorneys can Help

Whether you need to speak with a car accident attorney or a slip and fall lawyer, our training and experience efficiently and proficiently support and cover you for all kinds of personal injury including a truck accident, motorcycle accident, or boat accident, dog or other animal bites, sexual harassment, or wrongful death.

Our commitment and dedication to protecting you against unfair claim rejection or inadequate compensation drive our exceptional service. You can count on us to stand our ground for you when you’re at your most vulnerable. Request a free case evaluation today.

Testimonial from Dylan, Car Accident Victim

When my family was affected by an auto accident, I reached out to HHJ Trial Attorneys. I learned they were highly recommended and respected amongst their peers. HHJ treated my family as their own from the very beginning. From start to finish they maintained constant communication with us and ensured we were in good care. I don’t wish anyone ever has to experience a hardship of which attorneys are needed, but if you do I strongly encourage you to call HHJ. Special thanks to Mike Hernandez and Shelby Cardoza for being there for my family when we needed it most. True professionals.

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