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After suffering serious injuries in an accident, you have the task of finding a San Diego personal injury attorney to represent you. However, the search will require you to do some homework. To recover the full compensation for your injuries, you need to hire the best personal injury attorney out there. Here are five ways in which you can discover the right person to represent your case:


#1 – Choose a Lawyer Who Specializes in Personal Injury Law
The best personal injury attorney will specialize in that particular area of the law. Think about it – a lawyer who deals with divorces, estate planning, and bankruptcy is helpful. However, they may not have the skills or experience to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement when negotiating with insurance companies.



#2 – Choose a Lawyer Who’s Successful at Obtaining Settlements
Your ultimate goal is to recover the full compensation for your injuries. The best personal injury attorney will have a track record of successfully negotiating high-dollar settlements for their clients. Keep in mind that not every case is worth a million dollars, but a reliable attorney will maximize the value of your case.



#3 – Choose a Lawyer Who Has Access to Sufficient Resources
When you speak with a lawyer, try to gauge how good they are at what they do. Do they have sufficient resources to take on your case? The best personal injury attorney knows exactly how expensive it can be to oversee a personal injury claim. If the damages exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, a competent attorney will spend a lot of time preparing to face off against the insurance companies.


#4 – Choose a Lawyer With Ample Experience
You should also learn more about the lawyer regarding their experience with personal injury law. Ask them questions about how long they’ve been in practice and if they’ve previously negotiated with the insurance company through which you’re seeking compensation. You should also learn what percentage of their cases deal with personal injury claims – the best personal injury attorney focuses on this particular area of the law.


#5 – Choose a Lawyer Whose Goals Align With Yours
After you discuss the facts of your case with an attorney, your goals should align with theirs when it comes to determining a settlement amount. The best personal injury attorney will give you an opinion upfront on what they believe your case is worth. They’ll also discuss the following:


  • A reasonable price range regarding the value of your case
  • Different strategies that they believe will yield the highest value
  • The timeline that they anticipate to settle your claim


When you ask all the right questions, you’ll quickly discover which personal injury attorney is right for you. You should always take your time before making any decisions and carefully consider all of your options.




Contact our offices of HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego today if you were recently in a serious car accident. We can help you recover all the damages and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure that you can get your life back on track.


Testimonial from Amanda, Personal Injury Victim
I want anyone who might be unsure about contacting an attorney to know they are in great hands with Elliott Jung. He is incredibly knowledgeable, available when you have questions, and sincere. Initially I found involving attorneys incredibly intimidating and Elliott changed all of that. He came to my home for a consultation, provided me with unbiased options, and was genuinely invested in my best interest. We were able to successfully come to a settlement agreement without the uncomfortable process of going to court. When settling, Elliott was able to give me the best financial outcome. The settlement given the circumstances was large (without too many confusing details he arranged the payout to be highly optimal to my favor rather than his), he is genuinely driven to benefit his clients. He was straightforward and honest. During difficult times he would be truthful and direct with me, which I valued greatly. He provides exceptional personalized service, he knows the law, and has a very kind presence and demeanor. A great attorney. Thank you Elliott Jung for helping me navigate a very difficult and trying experience in my life.

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