San Diego’s Best Show Features HHJ Trial Attorneys

The San Diego Union-Tribune’s The San Diego’s Best Show features local businesses who have been recognized by the community as San Diego’s Best and what it means to their business to get this distinct honor. This week’s episode features HHJ Trial Attorneys, awarded Best Litigation Firm in 2020.
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Motorcycle accident lawyer

How To Prove Fault in a San Diego No-Contact Motorcycle Accident

It’s an unfortunate fact that motorcyclists experience both injury-causing and fatal accidents at a dramatically higher rate than drivers of cars. Although efforts to improve motorcycle safety and awareness continue, tens of thousands of people experience serious accidents on their bikes every year. However, not every incident involves a car physically striking a motorcyclist and...
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Pedestrian Suffers Fatal Injuries From Speeding Hit-and-Run Driver

On the evening of March 12, a young man in El Cajon lost his life in another tragic example of recklessness on the roads leading to fatal consequences. The accident took place on Anza Street in El Cajon at about 10 PM in the evening. The victim, whose name has been withheld by police, was...
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Car accident involving a child

Obtaining Legal Help After a Car Accident Involving Children

The statistics are encouraging — since the 1970s and the introduction of child safety restraint laws, accidents that cause fatalities involving children have been on a steady decline ever since. Continued improvements in car seats, seat belts, and vehicle construction techniques have kept that number low. Unfortunately, though, even the best safety measures can’t prevent...
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Motorcycle Accident lawyer

How To File a Successful Motorcycle Accident Claim

The open road is often a welcome sight for motorcyclists — it means no worrying about traffic and inattentive automobile drivers who don’t offer enough space for their bikes. Unfortunately, that sight is a rare one, and many individuals, from hobbyists to daily commuters, ride their motorcycles through city traffic and on highways every day....
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How to Determine the Value of Your Brain Injury Case

Depending on the cause and severity of your traumatic brain injury, you could be entitled to significant compensation. If somebody’s negligence resulted in an injury that’s adversely affected your quality of life, you deserve to make a claim. However, how can you determine your claim’s value? What factors can affect the final settlement? What Brain...
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Personal injury lawyer

10 Types of Personal Injury Claims

Accidents that cause injuries occur regularly. However, if somebody else is to blame for your injury, you might be owed compensation. The most common personal injury claims include road scrapes and workplace tumbles, but dog bites and medical malpractice also lead to thousands of lawsuits every year. So, what can be considered a personal injury...
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car accident with an uninsured driver

What Happens When You Get Involved in an Accident with an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver?

Even though car insurance is mandatory in just about every US state, many drivers choose to break the law and avoid the expense. Unfortunately, no matter how skilled a driver you may be, you can’t eliminate the risk of a collision.  What happens if an uninsured driver crashes into you? Will you be able to...
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trail or settlement

Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case Out-of-Court or Go to Trial?

Sustaining an injury due to someone’s negligence or disorderly behavior can result in financial losses, pain and suffering, and anger. If your injury has adversely affected your quality of life, you deserve compensation. Is it better to fight for what’s fair by going to trial, or reach a settlement outside of court?  If you go...
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Super-Lawyer San Diego Winner 2021

Super Lawyer San Diego Winner 2021

Partners Adam Hepburn, Michael Hernandez and Elliott Jung were selected to receive the title “Super Lawyer” again for the second time.  Every year, only 2.5% of attorneys in the nation are selected to receive this designation and we are proud to announce that each partner has each individually received this title in recognition for their relentless advocacy for...
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