Car Insurance

Should I Get Uninsured and or Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Hi everyone! I want talk to you today about something that’s really important and that is why you should carry uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage. My name is Adam Hepburn and I’m one of the car accident attorneys and a partner here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. I think that the easiest way to...
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Insurance claim

My Insurance Company Is Trying to Get Me to Settle My Car Accident Case. What Should I Do?

After I’ve been involved in a car accident and the insurance company wants me to settle the case with a claim immediately, what should I do? My name is Elliott Jung and I’m one of the personal injury attorneys and law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys.   One of the most frequent things that we...
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Personal injury vs workers comp

What is the Difference Between a Personal Injury Claim and a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Read on to learn more about how and why personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims differ and what you can expect in terms of compensation. The primary difference between the two is that personal injury requires fault, while the latter does not. The claims also differ in terms of the type and amount of...
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Personal injury settlement

Settlement Alert: Honoring the Death of a Mother’s Son

In 2019, HHJ Trial Attorneys posted a story about our client Maria Palacios. “Maria’s son, Ivan Ortiz, was found dead in his jail cell this past March. Ivan suffered from mental health issues and was supposed to be on suicide watch. Maria came to our office asking for help because she has been left in...
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Car accident damages

What Damages Am I Entitled to for a Car Accident or Personal Injury Case?

Today, we’re going to talk about what sort of damages you’re entitled to in a personal injury or car accident case. My name is Adam Hepburn and I’m a car accident attorney and one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. This is a really good question and is relatively simple. In a personal...
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Slip and fall accident

Understanding Your Rights if You Were Seriously Injured from a Slip and Fall Accident

Do you know what to do if you suspect someone else’s actions caused your accident and injuries to occur? Knowing your rights after such an accident and whether you should get in touch with a slip and fall attorney is essential. Here’s what to understand. Every year, millions of people in the United States alone...
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Tips after car accident

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Car Accident Case

Do you know the steps that you should take after you’re in a car accident or whether or not you should reach out to a car accident attorney? We have the answers for you. Being in a car accident can change your life in an instant. It is not an exaggeration to say that many...
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Boat accident attorney

7 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist with Your Injuries Due to a Boat Accident

If you’ve been in a boating accident, a personal injury may be able to assist you navigate the ins and outs of collecting damages based on your injuries. Find out how! Spending time on the water can be a fantastic way to enjoy an afternoon or a weekend, but unfortunately, tragedy can and does strike....
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Car Accident Attorney

Am I Still Eligible for Damages/Settlement If I Am Partially Liable for an Accident?

Hey everyone. Today we’re going to talk about whether or not you can recover damages if you’re partially at fault for a car accident in California. My name is Adam Hepburn. I’m a car accident attorney and one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. This is a really good question that I get...
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