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5 Tactics CA Car Insurance Companies Use to Trick Car Accident Victims

After an accident, it’s common for victims to wish that things could simply go back to normal and feel the way that they did before the wreck occurred. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to turn back the clock, so we look for the next best thing: a helping hand. 

We may think that our car insurance company in California will always be in our corner, but as with any other business, an insurer wants to save money—and that means finding ways to deny claims. Watch out for these tricks that California insurers might use to fool you into an unfair outcome.

1. Telling You That You Need to Make a Statement Immediately

Not long after the insurance company finds out that you’ve had an accident, you can expect a phone call from an adjuster or another representative of the business. After some pleasant small talk about how you’re doing and if you’re feeling okay, they’ll usually ask you to make a statement about the accident, its causes, and your experience. Often, they’ll explain that your statement will make it easier to process your claim quickly. 

Beware! They can twist anything that you say to deny your claim later.

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2. Using Language to Imply They’re Only Trying to Help

If you decline to give a statement initially, you may find that “no” isn’t an answer that the insurer likes to hear. Communications may become more frequent as they seek to learn about the accident and whether you were at fault. Expect to hear plenty of talk about how your best interests are at the heart of the process, and that they simply want to ensure that you get as much as possible for your claim. 

3. Searching Social Media as Evidence for Claims Denials

In this digital age, what we think we share only with friends can often come back to bite us in the future. 

Some insurance companies have used public social media posts about accidents or the circumstances before and after as evidence to deny claims. For example, someone who says they received severe whiplash in a car accident posting photos from a recent dance party might earn the ire of the insurance company—and a subsequent claim denial.

4. Discouraging the Use of Lawyers and Legal Assistance

In your conversations with insurance adjusters, you may hear efforts to dissuade you from involving outside legal counsel. If you’re considering engaging a car accident attorney to handle your case, be careful what you disclose to the insurance company. There’s a good reason why they don’t want you to exercise your legal rights—it makes it harder for them to convince you to accept a settlement that is smaller than what you deserve.

5. Using Delaying Tactics to Encourage a Settlement

What if you believe that the settlement offer you’ve received is too small? It may not be enough to cover the loss of your vehicle, let alone medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Instead of negotiating in good faith, the insurance companies abide by one simple rule: “delay, delay, delay.” 

All kinds of obstructions will appear that slow down communications and make it harder to process your claim while your bills and obligations pile up. Get a lawyer before the stalling starts and block this unsavory pressure tactic.

Fight Back Against Insurance Companies with the Best Car Accident Attorneys in San Diego

Are you concerned that you aren’t getting a fair deal or the straight facts from your insurance company? Have you been in an accident that resulted in or caused an injury? Securing legal representation now is critical to protecting your rights and your ability to seek compensation. Contact HHJ Trial Attorneys today to help you fight back against your insurance company.

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