5 Reasons Why You Should Seek Damages for Emotional Distress After a Car Accident

Devastating car accidents will take a major toll on your physical health. However, you should also never overlook the emotional and psychological distress that is often a direct result of the accident. In addition to seeking compensation for your injuries and economic damages, you should also take your mental suffering into account. To ensure this happens, you should always partner with an experienced team of car accident attorneys in San Diego.


Here are five reasons why you should seek damages for any emotional distress:


Reason #1 — Recovering from Psychological Trauma
Emotional distress comes in several different forms, but some of the more common examples include anxiety, depression, mood swings, loss of sleep, and suicidal thoughts. Emotional distress is different in every person, and there is no clear-cut way of measuring severe psychological trauma. Emotional distress is still a very real form of suffering, and you can certainly seek compensation for it.


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Reason #2 — Seeking and Undergoing Treatment
The recovery process will likely require you to seek out therapeutic solutions, such as medication, exercise, and talk therapy. In many cases, emotional distress can last for a long time and require a comprehensive treatment process. You are likely going to rack up a lot of medical debt, which you shouldn’t be liable to pay for in the first place.




Reason #3 — Severe Emotional Distress Is Life-Altering
The emotional distress you are now living with is preventing you from going about your life the way you did before. Severe forms of psychological suffering can ultimately hinder you from achieving happiness and prosperity. Your chances of pursuing your dreams and making the most of your life may now seem unattainable. Make no mistake, severe emotional distress can impose limitations on your life, which is why you need to seek damages for the suffering that you regularly experience.


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Reason #4 — Intentional Harm
In some personal injury cases, the victim suffered severe psychological damages due to intentional harm inflicted upon them. These are situations where someone was either grossly negligent or acted maliciously during the incident that caused your suffering. Either way, you now have to pick up the pieces of your life, which includes an extensive recovery process from plenty of emotional trauma.


Reason #5 — You Shouldn’t Undermine Your Own Suffering
Emotional suffering is often difficult to calculate in terms of monetary value. However, the effects can be far-reaching without you fully understanding how your mental wellbeing impacts your overall health. When succumbing to injuries from a car accident, most people immediately focus on the physical side of things. However, you need to prioritize and take care of your mental health as well.


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Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney?
The answer is yes and here’s why: serious accidents can cause you to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. However, hiring a personal injury attorney will go a long way in ensuring that you can recover physically, emotionally, and financially from the incident. Now is the time to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

The legal experts here at HHJ Trial Attorneys are ready to get to work and negotiate a personal injury settlement on your behalf. We serve many different clients throughout San Diego, ensuring that Californians have proper legal representation when seeking compensation. Schedule an appointment with us today and we can immediately begin reviewing your case.


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