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Documentation that Should Be Included in Your Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

Car accidents can cause you to experience a lot of turmoil, especially when you are undergoing the process of filing a personal injury claim. You have to deal with lawyers, insurance companies, and the at-fault party, who can sometimes be uncooperative. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel—collecting all the necessary documentation will greatly increase your odds of success in your case.


What documentation do you need to obtain when pursuing a personal injury claim? Allow our car accident attorneys in Carlsbad to help break it down for you:


Obtaining Crucial Information from the At-Fault Party
You should always ask for the other driver’s information at the scene of the accident. This includes several different pieces of documentation, such as:


  • The Driver’s Name, Address, Phone Number, and Driver’s License. This information is absolutely necessary when it comes to proceeding with your personal injury claim.
  • Insurance Information. Don’t forget to ask the at-fault driver for information on their insurance provider and policy number. It will likely be through them that you are filing your personal injury claim.


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Photos of the Accident
After the accident occurs, take as many photos as you can to help build a case in your favor. Photos essentially serve as hard evidence, and they go a long way in proving you were the victim of the incident. Make sure that you are documenting every aspect of the accident, such as nearby road signs, other vehicles that were involved, injuries, damage to your car, tire marks on the road, and the surrounding area.



Witness Testimony
Also, make sure that you speak with witnesses who are at the scene of the accident—their testimony will likely prove to be invaluable evidence in your case. Witnesses will provide you with their account of the incident to help establish a true sequence of events that caused the collision. Their perspective certainly serves as reliable documentation that you can use in your personal injury case.


Police Report
When involved in a car accident, police officers will show up at the scene and provide their account of what occurred, which includes all of the relevant facts surrounding the incident. You can ask police officers for information of how to obtain their official report while they are there.


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Medical Receipts
You should also produce receipts and medical bills proving that your injuries are severe and taking a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. This includes documents detailing the extent of your injuries as well as your treatment plan and recovery schedule. This way, it will be easier for lawyers and insurance adjusters to gauge the severity of your injuries.



Documents Showing Loss of Income
If your accident is causing you to miss work, then you need to provide documents detailing the amount of income you are losing (and will anticipate losing in the future). You can contact your supervisor and ask them to send you a letter detailing your pay rate as well as your proof of employment.


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Testimonial from Ozzy, Car Accident Victim
Very satisfied with the work Adam Hepburn performed on my case. I had gotten into an automobile accident, despite being the other person’s fault they also did not have any type of car insurance. With low hopes Adam was able to file a claim through my insurance and obtain some money to mitigate damages done to my vehicle. I strongly recommend hiring Adam Hepburn as an attorney because he made the process very stress free and is determined to find a solution for any type of situation you are in.

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