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4 Reasons You Must Contact the Police and Emergency Services After Your Car Accident

You’re likely wondering what you’re supposed to do when a car accident occurs. Who do you contact, and what are the steps you should follow? The truth is that you need to call the proper authorities and emergency services immediately. These trained professionals can help you sort out the situation immediately.


This article will discuss the five reasons you need to contact the police and emergency services after a car accident. Here’s what our San Diego car accident attorneys want you to know:


Reason #1 – Receiving Medical Attention
In car accidents, seeking medical care should be your main priority. When emergency services arrive on the scene, they’ll assess your condition and offer you any necessary treatment. They’ll also clear the area so more EMTs can move in and tend to your injuries.

Police also have an essential role in how you receive medical care after a car accident. They will assess the situation and determine if any emergency action is necessary. These are often situations where time is of the essence, and the police will do everything required to mitigate the damage.



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Reason #2 – Protecting the Scene
Severe car accidents will require police to establish a perimeter and block off the entire area. Remember, their job is to investigate any criminal conduct, which means they must protect and preserve the evidence. Police will also shut down the entire area to prevent other cars and pedestrians from wandering through.


Creating a safe environment ensures you can communicate with the police and receive medical care. Keep in mind that the police will also need to speak with everyone involved in the accident and witnesses at the scene. Clearing out the area is the best way for them to do their jobs.


Reason #3 – Investigating the Accident
The police will also have to investigate the scene of the accident to determine what exactly happened. Their main goal is to identify the cause of the crash. Police will typically try to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role, and they’ll perform any roadside tests if necessary.


Reason #4 – Creating a Report of the Accident
Police will prepare and write up a report once they complete their investigation. This particular document can benefit your case because it includes a lot of relevant information. This consists of a description of the events before, during, and after the accident.


Authorities will often provide you with a copy of the report right then and there, but if not, you can go to your local police department to obtain it. Keep in mind that the police won’t prepare a report if the damage is relatively minor. You should also take note of the badge number and name of the officer writing the report.



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Call an Attorney Today for Assistance
The experts at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego can help you recover compensation for your injuries. If you believe any errors were made in the police report, we can take action immediately to protect your best interests. Hiring our car accident and personal injury attorneys will make a massive difference because we’ll work hard to hold every at-fault party accountable. Schedule an appointment with us today and can begin reviewing the facts of your case.


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This whole firm is full of extremely educated, professional, reliable, and caring people. In December of 2020 I was rear ended by someone going about 40-45 mph resulting in injuries to my neck, lower back, and left knee. Upon researching injury lawyers, I found HHJ to be a great option and I’m glad I went with them. From the beginning, Adam and all of his colleagues were extremely helpful, transparent, and a huge relief during an otherwise stressful time in my life. Adam assured me that I was in good hands, and they would do everything they could for me; they were extremely persistent in making sure my case was resolved fairly for the injuries I endured. Not only is HHJ all the wonderful things listed above, but they also settled my case within a year resolving the remaining stress around this whole situation. I would recommend them over and over again.

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