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Obtaining Legal Help After a Car Accident Involving Children

Car accident involving a child

The statistics are encouraging — since the 1970s and the introduction of child safety restraint laws, accidents that cause fatalities involving children have been on a steady decline ever since. Continued improvements in car seats, seat belts, and vehicle construction techniques have kept that number low. Unfortunately, though, even the best safety measures can’t prevent all injuries. 

If you’ve recently been in a car accident with a child riding as a passenger and they suffered injuries in the crash, seeking legal assistance is an important step in protecting your rights and potentially seeking compensation from the at-fault party. Although this is a very stressful and upsetting time for any parent, following the appropriate steps and choosing the right resources can offer a vital pathway to better peace of mind. Take a quick look at what you need to do to find help. 

First Things First: Caring for Your Child’s Health

Medical aid should always be a priority, which is why calling for emergency assistance right after an accident is so important. The police will usually arrive alongside EMS, and the initial police report can be a very important asset when proving your case later. Before thinking about legal options, first, make sure that everyone is all right. Don’t refuse the option of medical attention, as any examination records and diagnoses will play a role later as well.

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Document and Gather Evidence Before a Consultation

Once the immediate danger has passed and you have the room to breathe, you can begin thinking about handling your legal options. It is ideal to have medical records, the accident report, and other information about your children on hand before speaking to a car accident lawyer. However, you don’t need everything in order immediately. Once you connect with a team you trust, you’ll receive friendly guidance on what to provide for building your case.

Choose a Lawyer With Experience in Similar Cases

Ideally, you should begin to look for a law firm to support your case soon after the accident. There are several factors you should consider when looking for legal help:

  • The types of cases the firm handles.
  • Experience with cases similar to your own.
  • A track record of success in both negotiations and courtroom litigation.
  • A friendly and welcoming attitude to help put your family at ease.

Once you’ve located a firm, request a consultation to assess your case and what options are available for your child. Use the consultation as your chance to “interview” the firm for information that will make your decision easier.

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Allow Your Lawyer To Handle All Communications

Once you’ve connected with a lawyer, be sure to let all aspects of the case go through their hands. Although emotions will run high after an accident, especially when your children were in the vehicle, statements to insurance companies or at-fault parties could potentially jeopardize your case. Trust instead that your lawyer will know the right language to use for the benefit of your case.

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What Compensation Could You Expect?

The outcome of your case will vary based on the circumstances of your accident, the severity of any injuries, and the degree to which the other party is determined to be at fault. There are several classes of damages that you may be able to seek during the case, including economic damages (e.g., medical expenses, lost wages, etc.) and non-economic damages (E.g., pain and suffering, inconvenience, fear, etc.). But every case is different. To find out what your claim may be worth and to receive legal insight from a team that understands your difficult situation. Please arrange for a free consultation with HHJ Trial Attorneys today.

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Testimonial from Taryn, a car accident victim in San Diego

This firm is the best. I was injured in a serious car accident where I had a serious back injury. My friend told me that HHJ was the best personal injury law firm in California. I contacted the firm and was assigned to Michael Hernandez. Michael was extremely patient, sent me to the right doctors and put my health in front of every thing. After by back injury started healing, Michael resolved the case for a crazy high amount. Way beyond my expectations. I did not pay a dollar for their services out of pocket. I highly recommend this firm for anyone that was injured in a car accident.

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