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3 Reasons You May Not Want to Accept Initial Car Accident Settlement Payouts

A serious car accident can wreak havoc on your life – the injuries make it difficult to perform routine, everyday tasks. Let’s also not forget the emotional turmoil and suffering that the accident causes you. That’s why you should file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages caused by the accident.

However, you may not want to accept your initial car accident settlement payouts when you receive it. Our car accident attorneys in San Diego understand that you’re in a position where you need immediate access to financial resources. However, there are several reasons why people reject the insurance’s initial car accident settlement payouts.


Reason #1 – The Offer Doesn’t Provide You Adequate Compensation
Beware of insurance adjusters – they’ll try and get you to accept a settlement offer that comes up short of the compensation you deserve. Insurance adjusters know exactly what they’re doing too. They make it seem as though they’re compassionate and sympathetic to your situation. However, their job ultimately is to help the insurance companies save money which is why you should always talk to a personal injury attorney before the insurance company.

Many car accident attorneys will reject the initial offer for car accident settlement payouts and submit a counter-offer. The strategy here is to start high and then work your way to a more agreeable amount.




Reason #2 – Accepting an Offer at the Right Time
The car accident claims process continues to develop as you progress in your recovery. Think about your injuries and the road to recovery – a lot of unpredictable things can happen. Depending on the severity of the collision, you can end up undergoing months of doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Surgery is also a possibility.


What does all of this mean? You should wait until the time is right to accept car accident settlement payouts. Your job is to focus on your health and obtain a complete picture of your recovery process. Take some time to assess your situation before accepting a settlement – that way; the money doesn’t come up short of what you deserve.




Reason #3 – Knowing the Value of Your Case
You already know that you can recover compensation for injuries caused by a car accident. However, you can seek damages for many other reasons, including non-economic damages, such as:

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional anguish
  • Long-term impairment or disfigurement

You should always consider the damages available for you to recover before accepting any car accident settlement payouts. We recommend that you hire an attorney to help you evaluate your case as a whole.




Never Negotiate Car Accident Settlement Payouts Without Professional Assistance
Here at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego, we provide comprehensive services for Californians seeking compensation for financial and medical damages from car accidents. We do all of the legal legwork on your behalf, ensuring that you build a solid case against the insurance companies. You should never negotiate a settlement without first contacting a lawyer – get in touch with us, and we can immediately begin working on your case.


Testimonial from Jerry, Car Accident Victim in San Diego
I have watched Elliot Jung and his staff work through very difficult cases and amazed not only at the results achieved but the way they help their clients through these difficult times truly sets them apart. I have referred family & friends to them in the past and have zero hesitation to do it again! Just good people.

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