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My Insurance Company Is Trying to Get Me to Settle My Car Accident Case. What Should I Do?

After I’ve been involved in a car accident and the insurance company wants me to settle the case with a claim immediately, what should I do?

My name is Elliott Jung and I’m one of the personal injury attorneys and law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys.  

One of the most frequent things that we see after somebody has been involved in a car accident is they’ll be speaking to the insurance adjuster that represents the at fault party and sometimes that insurance adjuster will send out a release form to the person that’s been injured to try to settle the claim right away and usually it’s going to be for something that’s less than $4000.

Should that person sign that release form and just be done with it? Absolutely not.

This is one of the main tactics that the insurance company uses to try to resolve a case before we know anything about how injured that person is. If this happens to you, you’ve been involved in an accident, and the insurance companies just trying to get you to settle the claim right away, just take a moment to speak to a car accident attorney.

Reach out to our office and we can advise you on what to do.

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