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HHJ Helps Law Student Recover $250,000


💥Settlement Alert💥 Jonathan was driving on the 805 freeway when another car slammed into the rear of his car. The car lost control and crashed into the right shoulder. Jonathan immediately felt pain shooting up his back. He looked down and saw his hand bleeding from the exploding airbag. The police arrived and quickly learned the other driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Jonathan, a law student, came to our office for help. Michael sent Jonathan to an orthopedic surgeon who found disc protrusion in Jonathan’s back. We created a treatment plan that would help get Jonathan back on the golf course. Michael also sent Jonathan to a plastic surgeon for a quote to fix the scarring.

Michael recently met Jonathan to surprise him with the settlement offer. Jonathan took a break from studying for finals to meet up. After some back and forth about law school and teachers they shared in common, Michael told Jonathan he settled his case for the maximum policy limits of $250,000.00. Jonathan was blown away and said he was expecting far less. Jonathan didn’t understand how Michael settled the case for such a large amount. Michael told Jonathan that he knew he had to perform because Jonathan will always remember if the car accident attorney he once needed did a good job or a bad job in his case.

The biggest compliment to us is when law students, attorneys, and family members of attorneys ask us to represent them. They generally know many other lawyers and carefully pick the one they believe will do the best job. One lawyer said, “I picked your firm because I know you guys will get down in the trenches with me if it needed to go there.” Over the last couple of years, our firm has represented dozens of lawyers, family members, and doctors whose professional licenses were at stake.

Please let us know if you, a family member, or a friend has been injured in a serious accident and need our help

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