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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Posting Your Car Accident on Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, find resources, connect with others in relatable situations, and much more. However, the temptation to share everything about our lives on social media can be detrimental in some situations.

This is especially true if you’ve posted about your car accident on social media. Let’s look at why our San Diego car accident attorneys believe posting your car accident on social media is probably not the best idea.


#1 – Insurance Companies Check Social Media
After you file an accident claim, insurance companies will check social media (and the Internet in general) for any evidence they can use. Unfortunately, many insurance companies prefer to give out as little of a payout as possible, so they will try to find anything they can to dispute your claims.


#2 – Your Posts Can Be Used Against You
Since insurance companies and defense attorneys will likely scrutinize your social media, anything you post may be used against you. This includes mentions of your injuries (or lack thereof) or photos of you doing physical activities. Even if you posted a joke about your driving skills, the smallest detail could be used against your case.

Unfortunately, your social media posts can also be used to argue against your emotional distress claims. In most cases, social media posts are not a determining factor for someone’s mental state. Still, it is possible that they can be used against your emotional distress claim.


#3 – Photos Will Be Used as Evidence
While it is always encouraged to take photos of the scene as evidence, you shouldn’t post those photos anywhere. Any photos you took of the incident should just be shared with your car accident attorney.

Aside from avoiding posting photos or videos of the car accident itself, you should be careful about other photos you post until the car accident case is resolved.

For example, if you’re claiming that the car accident caused you an injury that forced you to take off work, pictures of you out with friends or dancing happily can be used to argue that your injury must not be as severe as you claim.



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#4 – Social Media Is More Permanent Than You May Realize
So, let’s say that you were in a car accident, and you made some posts that may be used against you and your case. Deleting them will not make the issue go away. Even posts that you thought have been removed or edited can be accessed by authorities and other trained experts.

Deleting such posts can aggravate your case, as could be considered tampering with evidence and can lead to serious consequences.


#5 – Confidentiality Is Important
Confidentiality is vital when it comes to legal cases and posting about your car accident on social media may impact the confidentiality that you have with your attorney.

To prevent yourself from relinquishing this confidentiality, you should avoid posting about the accident and its circumstances and how you feel physically and mentally.


The Proper Steps to Take After a Car Accident
The best way to prevent anything from negatively impacting your case and claims is to follow the proper procedure after being involved in a car accident. Here are the steps you should take immediately after the accident:

  • Confirm that everyone involved is okay and call the proper authorities.
  • Go to the hospital, whether you’re injured or not.
  • Gather and exchange important information from the drivers involved.
  • Talk to any witnesses about what they saw.
  • Record your own recollection of the incident.
  • File a claim as soon as you can.

Being in contact with an experienced car accident attorney is the best way to succeed in your case. With their experience, they can give you all the correct information and advice that you need to avoid any counterarguments against your claim.



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Our team of personal injury lawyers at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego know how to handle your case. Our team has years of experience, and we have a high success rate. Ultimately, we want to ensure that victims of car accidents recover the compensation they deserve.

Schedule an appointment with us today, and we can begin evaluating your personal injury claim soon.


Testimonial from Stephen, Car Accident Victim in San Diego
Adam Hepburn and HHJ Trial Attorneys are very professional and compassionate in a time my wife and I needed them most. Adam helped me with my personal injury case from a car accident last year. I was referred to Adam through a friend and was immediately provided with a feeling of relief as he made everything seem so clear and understandable. His communication on when and what I needed to do was reassuring as my wife and I had never had to deal with anything like that before. The last thing you want to deal with is insurance as well as court after a car accident, especially if you get injured. My shoulder injury from the accident was lingering, not to mention piling up medical bills. Adam was confident we would be compensated as he personally ensured we would be taken care of, and he was right! He took care of everything and I felt like I was able to focus back on my family, work, and recovering from my injury with less anxiety knowing he was representing us. The comfort you get from HHJ attorneys is not something I expected and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal touch in a world that surely needs it right now. Thank you HHJ!

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