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A car accident that results in injuries to you or a loved one is often one of the most traumatic, stressful, and difficult experiences a person will ever face in their life. A single car accident caused by the negligence or inattention of another driver can forever disrupt and change the life of the injured party. If you have lost a loved one or suffered an injury in a car accident because of another driver’s carelessness, you have the right to hold the driver responsible for his or her actions so that you get the justice that you deserve. The last thing you need to worry about after a traumatic accident is the cost of repairing your car, medical bills, lost wages, or hassling with insurance companies. You should be concerned about one thing and one thing only—healing. Let the experienced car accident attorneys in San Diego at  Hepburn, Hernandez and Jung Trial Attorneys do the rest.

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At Hepburn, Hernandez and Jung Trial Attorneys we will ensure that you and your family get the justice that you deserve. Our car accident attorneys in San Diego County provide white-glove service every step of the way and deal with every aspect of the case so you can concentrate on healing and getting back to your life. Our firm is unique in that every case has three dedicated attorneys assigned to it to ensure that you receive maximum recovery. In contrast to most other law firms, where cases are frequently handed off to assistants or paralegals, HHJ Trial Attorneys provides what every client deserves—our full attention. Our philosophy is simple: fight with passion and dedication as if every client was a part of our own family.

And fight we do. At our core, we are a group of expert car accident attorneys in San Diego, battle tested in the courtroom with over 100 jury trials. The car accident attorneys at HHJ have handled thousands of cases and attended the best advocacy training in the nation. When we walk into court, we are always the most skilled attorney in the room. Having a skilled trial attorney as your car accident lawyer is important. Unfortunately, there are many law firms out there that try to negotiate settlements as often and as soon as possible in every case. Sure, the settlements may pay out faster, but the client may not enjoy the full recovery that they deserve. Hepburn, Hernandez and Jung Trial Attorneys will closely examine every case and work to quantify the amount of damages that the client should recover. We will then develop a specific case plan tailored to the needs of the client and fight to obtain full recovery, even if that means proceeding to trial. We will fight for you every step of the way. Contact Hepburn, Hernandez and Jung Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident attorneys in San Diego if you have been injured in a car accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in San Diego

As one of the largest cities in the United States, there are countless car accidents that take place in San Diego on a regular basis. There are several causes associated with these car accidents. Some of the common causes for San Diego car accidents include: 

  • Drug or alcohol impairment
    Did you know that in 2016, there were approximately 1,000 accidents associated with alcohol which caused either injury or fatality in San Diego? On a nationwide scale, this number is substantially higher with over 10,000 alcohol impaired car accident deaths consistently reported since 2017. 


  • Speeding 
    The need for speed is something that could put you in a precarious position when it comes to a possible car accident. Speeding impedes your ability to control your vehicle accurately and can also cause serious problems in the event that you have to slow down quickly which results in thousands of deaths and injuries in and around San Diego each year. 


  • Distracted driving (including being distracted by a mobile device) 
    Although you may be the type of person who can do more than one thing at the same time, during the time that you’re on the road, your eyes (and hands) should be glued to the road. On average, approximately nine people per day are killed in the United States with thousands more suffering injuries as a result of crashes. 


  • Aggressive driving 
    It’s estimated that more than half of car accidents are the result of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving can include following too closely to the person in front of you, improper lane changes, or failing to yield the right of way. This type of driving can not only hurt another driver or passenger but could also result in injury to an innocent pedestrian.


  • Fatigued driving 
    While you may feel as though you can make it home when you’re tired, taking this step is something that has caused hundreds of thousands of accidents. In fact, year over year police departments from around the country have reported that approximately 100,000 on average are the result of fatigued driving. 


Any one of these causes could, in turn, result in serious injury to you, the other driver or a passenger. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence or the impairment of another individual, it’s critical that you reach out to our experienced car accident attorneys in San Diego to learn more about your rights. 

Types of Car Accidents in San Diego

There are several different types of car accidents that can happen not only in San Diego but throughout the country. Here are just a few examples of the common types of car accidents that you may experience: 

  • Pileups: Although pileup car accidents in San Diego are rare, they can cause catastrophic injuries. Pileups are multi-car collisions which usually gather some form of media attention as a result of how many cars are involved. The reason behind these types of injuries could be as a result of driver error or there are times when inclement weather is involved. An extensive investigation is usually needed to determine the fault of this type of car accident. 


  • Head-on collision: While this type of car accident only accounts for approximately two percent of all car accidents in the United States every year, they are the cause of nearly 10 percent of car accident fatalities. In most cases, part of what makes a head-on collision so dangerous is the rate of speed in which the two cars are going. In turn, a head-on collision could trigger other car accidents or injuries from drivers that are passing by.


  • Rollover: A rollover car accident is incredibly dangerous for every person that is in the car. Rollover car accident account for approximately 35% of all traffic crashes. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who pass away as a result of a rollover were not wearing a seatbelt. 


  • Rear-end car accidents: Rear-end collisions are often referred to as “minor” car accidents, however, they can cause serious injury to the individuals involved. The most common cause of rear-end collisions are the result of one vehicle following another vehicle too closely or a driver not paying attention to what is happening in front of them. It’s reported by the National Transportation Safety Board that approximately 1,7000 people die each year as a result of rear-end collisions. 

What to do After a Car Accident

Car accident attorney Adam Hepburn highlights the important steps that you should always take after you have been involved in a car accident. In this video he states that you should always: 

  • Make sure that you’re safe 
  • Exchange information with the other part 
  • Call the police 
  • Get medical treatment 
  • Contact a car accident attorney 

Here is a more detailed overview of the important steps that you should take following a car accident in San Diego: 

1. Make sure that you are safe.

If you have been in a car accident in San Diego, move your vehicle to the side of the roadway or to another safe place to ensure that you and your passengers are no longer in danger. Immediately call emergency services (9-1-1) for a police officer or ambulance if you are able to do so. Wait for police to arrive and provide them with your identification, insurance information, and registration. Provide the officer with an auto collision report, which is a factual description of how you saw the incident unfold. DO NOT discuss the specifics of the accident with the other party involved in the accident, as doing so may harm your legal position when you try to recover damages at a later date.

2. Gather necessary information

Before leaving the scene of the accident, make sure you gather all of the necessary information from all other parties involved in the accident (including names, contact numbers, insurance information, license plates, etc.). Do not rely on the officer to do this for you. Make sure you also obtain the name, agency, and badge number of the officer who has reported to the scene.

3. Make sure you receive proper medical care

The first place you should go IMMEDIATELY after the accident is to the nearest medical facility so that you get a proper and thorough medical evaluation. You should visit a medical facility even if you do not believe you have a serious injury, as many injuries may not be immediately apparent—it is crucial to be examined by a doctor. Moreover, a proper record of your injuries and your medical care will be necessary later in the recovery process.

4. Keep it secret

Do not speak to anyone about the accident or your injuries other than the police, your medical provider, or your car accident lawyer in San Diego. Giving statements to other persons other than those mentioned above may damage your legal case in the future. Finally, you should then file a claim with your insurance provider. You should NOT speak to an insurance provider representative or sign any documents from an insurance provider, especially those that represent the opposing side or other driver. You should contact an attorney from Hepburn, Hernandez and Jung Trial Attorneys who know how to deal with insurance providers to best represent your interests. Let our experienced attorneys fight on your behalf so you can concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

Injuries Associated with Car Accidents in San Diego

You should always seek immediate medical attention regardless of the type of car accident you were in. Keep in mind that every injury is not always evident at the time of your accident, however, there is always the possibility that you could experience any one of the following injuries which could impede the quality of your life going forward: 

  • Internal bleeding 
  • Burns 
  • Spinal cord injury  
  • Brain injury
  • Emotional distress 
  • Broken bones 

Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego

Car accident attorney Elliott Jung highlights the benefits of working with a trial attorney if your case goes in that direction. Just a few of those benefits include: 

  • The peace of mind of knowing that your case is in expert hands 
  • The insurance company will take your claim more seriously 
  • You will have the complete backing of the tools and resources available through experienced car accident attorneys 

Every motorist’s biggest fear is getting into a car accident, but that is the risk we take every time we drive. If you happen to find yourself in an accident, it would be a wise decision to contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer in San Diego. Car accident attorneys in San Diego can ensure that while you heal from your car accident, you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are some other advantages of hiring an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer:

  • Well versed in the law
    It’s possible that drivers who are partially at fault for the accident can still receive compensation for their injuries. As an average person, you may not know the ins and outs of law that could be to your benefit. An attorney can lay out your options that apply to your unique situation and advise you in the best manner to proceed.
  • A San Diego car accident attorney is willing to fight for you
    When you hire an attorney, they will fight for what is in your best interests. Some cases are resolved through settlement, others through court. Rest assured that your lawyer will fight for the best possible outcome and compensation for you.
  • A car accident lawyer in San Diego will negotiate fair reimbursement
    Insurance companies want to hold on to their money. Thus, they will often send lowball offers in an effort to resolve the case quickly. Your attorney will negotiate a fair and reasonable amount considering the injuries sustained during the car accident.



Schedule Your Appointment With Our San Diego Car Accident Attorneys

Our personal injury lawyer in San Diego will provide you with the insight that you need on any car accidents in San Diego. We work on a contingency fee which helps to further ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve before our fees are paid. We have experience working with clients who have experienced a vast number of accident injuries. Whether you car accident resulted in a wrongful death or a member of your family was seirously injured, we analyze every aspect of your car accident claim to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Our team of car accident attorneys will walk you through every phase of your accident claim. From contacting insurance companies to ensuring that you have the medical care and support that you need, you can rest assured that you will be working with one of the best law firms in San Diego California. Our car accident attorneys in San Diego will fight for the compensation you deserve and provide you with the peace of mind that you need through this difficult time. Get in touch with us today to speak with our legal team. 

Testimonial from Andrew, a San Diego car accident victim:

I was in a motor vehicle accident involving a city vehicle. I had a witness who vouched for me as I was not at fault. I searched for a car accident lawyer to handle my case and was recommended by a friend to contact Adam Hepburn. I reached out to him and with in a few days had a consultation in person. From the moment we sat down and spoke I could tell he was genuine and honest. He made me feel comfortable and eased all the stress I had been holding onto. Through out the whole process he kept me informed, walked me through all the steps I needed to take and answered all of my questions as this was my first ever experience using a lawyer. He is a easy to work with and achieved a good outcome for my case. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of attorney services.

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