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sexual assault and therapy
Those involved in the trauma of sexual assault will need assistance and guidance from trained professionals in multiple disciplines. The victim’s legal representation must prioritize that their client receives therapeutic support to ensure their well-being during case proceedings. Therapy and counseling for sexual assault survivors play an essential role in ensuring justice and closure; however,...
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damages in sexual assault
Sexual assault is by far and wide one of the most heinous acts of criminal behavior known to the human race, and the damages you may endure in a sexual assault case reflect this. In this article, our sexual assault attorneys in San Diego will highlight the different types of damages that may be available...
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military sexual assault
Military sexual assault affects male and female service members and involves unwanted sexual contact, harassment, or assault. As of 2021, nearly 25% of women in the military have reported some form of military sexual assault. Victims of military sexual assault have rights when it comes to the reporting and investigation process. Knowing these rights can...
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male sexual assault
Male sexual assault survivors experience a unique set of challenges when coming forward to report their abuse. The trauma and stigma associated with such experiences often make it difficult for male survivors to speak up and seek justice. But filing a lawsuit can be an empowering step towards healing and ensuring that the perpetrator is...
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sexual assault vs harassment
In today’s society, it is essential to understand and address issues surrounding inappropriate and unwelcome sexual behavior. Two terms that frequently come up in these discussions are sexual assault vs. sexual harassment. While both involve acts of misconduct, it is crucial to recognize their distinct differences in order to foster a safer and more respectful...
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File a Sexual Assault Case
Sexual assaults are severe offenses, and as a victim, you should never hesitate to hold your attacker accountable. We understand that coming forward with your story can be frightening, but you deserve justice. Delays in reporting the abuse can jeopardize your case why you should take action immediately. Here are four reasons why you should...
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workplace sexual harrassment
In modern society, sexual harassment can take on many subtle forms – especially in the workplace. The actions aren’t overtly physical, and they occur insidiously. For many, it isn’t easy to recognize when someone is crossing the line. Offensive behavior happens in various circumstances, which can jeopardize the safety of your work environment. What is...
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Sexual Assault Case
In the United States, criminal cases involving sexual assault are often challenging to prosecute. It’s one reason why victims hesitate to come forward and hold their perpetrators accountable. However, although convictions require a greater burden of proof, you can and should still pursue legal action.   Our sexual assault attorneys want you to understand the...
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sexual misconduct
Sexual misconduct can occur in many ways, but it usually involves unwelcome advances and requests for sexual intercourse. However, verbal and physical harassment can also be sexual. Our sexual harassment attorneys in San Diego want to highlight the behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct, which includes many of the overt and subtle examples that exist.  ...
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sexual assault damages
Thousands of people are victims of sexual assault every year, and the trauma is often very difficult to endure. Dealing with the experience can be painful and devastating, especially when the perpetrator isn’t held accountable for their behavior. The good news is that you can take legal action against anyone who harmed you and recover...
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