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How Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Calculate Your Pain and Suffering After a Motorcycle Accident

Serious motorcycle accidents can ravage someone both financially and emotionally. In situations such as this, you are likely going to suffer from some form of physical or psychological damages, which can greatly affect your life. However, we have a team of motorcycle accident attorneys who can help you navigate the entire process and calculate the pain and suffering that you experience.


Although certain damages are difficult to calculate, you deserve ample compensation when the responsible party causes you severe suffering. While insurance companies are likely going to offer you some type of settlement, how is it possible to place a dollar amount on the emotional distress or physical pain that you experience?


Quantifying the Monetary Value of Your Pain and Suffering

Our motorcycle accident attorneys in San Diego use multiple approaches to determining the monetary value of your pain and suffering. They include two popular methods that many personal injury lawyers utilize:


  • Special “multipliers” that calculate damages based on economic losses
  • A daily rate that accounts for the pain caused by the accident and how it affects your overall quality of life



Both Methods Adjust for the Specifics of Your Accident

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will adjust the amount of money that we demand from the insurance companies according to the parameters of your situation. We have to account for several different factors, which means that the compensation we ask for can vary significantly. Ultimately, it comes down to the level of liability by the responsible party.


Keep in mind that every situation is unique, and certain circumstances can affect the amount of compensation that you receive. The overall value of the settlement has to be reasonable and fair based on the parameters of the incident.


Your Evidence is Key

Your medical records are going to play a huge role in the money that we demand from the insurance companies. We advise that you stay in constant communication with the medical professionals who are providing you with treatment. If you feel any pain or discomfort, report it immediately to your doctor so that everything is on record.


An insurance adjuster will want to confirm that your pain and suffering are legitimate. When your doctor writes everything down, it becomes a part of your medical records. However, you should be aware of the fact that the adjuster may try to dispute your injuries and the amount of pain they are causing you. We are going to argue your case with all the pertinent evidence to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


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The aftermath of a devastating motorcycle accident can prove to be extremely difficult and stressful. The motorcycle accident lawyers here at HHJ Trial Attorneys provide reliable legal services for residents living in San Diego and throughout southern California. Our top priority is to ensure that you receive full monetary compensation for the pain and suffering you experience in a serious accident. Don’t waste any time and schedule an in-person consultation with one of our legal experts. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment.


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