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Distracted Driving

We all have a responsibility to drive safely and do our best to prevent accidents when we’re on the road. However, accidents due to distracted driving occur all the time and for many different reasons. They also often result in serious injuries for the victims, who then have a long recovery process ahead of them.

Distracted driving is very dangerous and can have grave consequences for all parties involved. Here’s more information on how accidents are caused by distracted drivers and how victims can recover compensation for their injuries:

What Are the Different Types of Distracted Driving?

The truth is that many different distractions exist, and they can affect your ability to maintain proper safety standards. Remember that states also often play catch-up and enact laws to penalize negligent driving. Here are some of the most common distractions you should know about:

  • Texting or talking on a smartphone
  • Watching videos or listening to music
  • Talking to other passengers in the car
  • Taking your eyes off the road for any reason
  • Consuming food and beverages
  • Applying makeup
  • Grabbing items from the backseat

You should never use your phone while operating a vehicle. California is particularly strict on enforcing laws that deal with texting and driving. Generally speaking, we always advise that you do your best to limit distractions while on the road.

What Should You Do When Distracted Driving Accidents Occur

Distracted driving accidents are often unexpected and can cause a lot of trauma for the victims. However, we strongly urge you to remain calm and follow these key steps after the accident:

  • Call 911 and seek medical attention. You should always contact the appropriate authorities immediately after the accident occurs. This includes law enforcement and even emergency medical services depending on how bad the crash was. Try to treat your injuries as soon as possible.
  • Take pictures of the scene. Make sure you obtain visual evidence that shows the severity of the accident. Take out your smartphone and take photos of the vehicle damage. You should also document the scene surrounding the crash.
  • Request information from all parties involved and witnesses. You need to obtain insurance information from all parties involved in the accident. Requesting contact information from eye-witnesses will also benefit your case significantly. They can provide firsthand accounts of what happened at the time of the crash.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report. Make sure you also ask for a copy of the police report, which you can usually obtain from law enforcement when they arrive at the scene.

After following all the proper procedures, you can seek compensation for your injuries. You’d be wise to hire an experienced attorney to maximize the amount of money you can recover. This way, you can pay off all your medical bills and resolve any debt directly resulting from the accident.

How HHJ Trial Attorneys Can Help Handle Your Case

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