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HHJ Trial Attorneys Secures A $1 Million Settlement Against LA Metro After A Woman Gets Hit By Train.

We recently helped a woman who was hit by a train as she was driving home. She was crossing a set of tracks at night when a train crossing gate failed and the signal lights failed. She had no warning. She was also driving with her granddaughter who was sitting in the back seat. Jeff Dingwall owner of Eight & Sand asked us to try the case together against the railroad company. We said when and where. The preparation was there and the work was there. The defense offered zero to our client for two years. The train company was 100% at fault but they were trying to deny liability.   

Right before trial, attorney Jeff Dingwall shocked us all when he did the impossible and convinced the insurance company to pay our client what she deserves. He didn’t push, he didn’t try to persuade. He was just real with them. He openly told them about everything that our clients had been through since the accident. They listened. The train company agreed to pay our client $1 million dollars to settle her case.  We are extremely happy that our client gets to spend time with her granddaughter now and gets to move on with her life. 

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