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DUI Client Case Dismissal

DUI Case Dismissal

Our client was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The police report said that a witness pointed our client out as the driver after a serious collision. Our client was arrested and taken to jail where he blew a .22% BAC. Upon release, our client reached out to a family friend that worked in the court about if he should hire a car accident attorney.

He was told to call HHJ Trial Attorneys. Michael Hernandez was the lead on the case. This client begged Michael to help him and repeatedly told him his brother was driving. This was strange because the police report said nothing about his brother being on the scene or giving a statement that he was driving. The prosecution’s offer was 100 days in jail with classes and fines. He was a day laborer and couldn’t afford to be locked up and not provide for his family. Michael sent his investigator to take witness statements and requested to see the body camera footage on the officers. After investigation, we received a statement from our client’s brother stating that he was the driver. He said the other party ran a red light and caused the accident. We also learned that the truck involved belonged to the brother’s wife. After reviewing the police body camera footage, we saw our client’s brother on the scene telling the cops he was driving. The witness that allegedly said our client was the driver never actually said he saw our client driving.

About Michael Hernandez – Founding Partners and Personal Injury Attorney at HHJ

Michael Hernandez is known in the legal community as an expert trial strategist and has a reputation for winning the most difficult cases. In law school, Michael interned for the San Diego Public Defender’s office. Michael worked on hundreds of cases and successfully tried cases to a jury before he was a licensed attorney. Michael’s countless hours working on high-profile murder cases landed him the prestigious award of San Diego Volunteer of the Month for the County of San Diego in December 2012. Read more

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