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HHJ Trial Attorneys proudly serve victims who have suffered from serious injuries. HHJ is one of San Diego’s premiere personal injury law firms.  We’ve obtained over ten million dollars for our clients within the last 4 years alone and have been voted the Best Litigation Firm for the last 3 years through the San Diego Union Tribune. All three partners have been voted as Super Lawyers and have received coverage from local and national news outlets.

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Khala BarkusKhala Barkus
19:33 25 Sep 22
Michael and his team were so great during this entire process. They helped me to get a pretty significant settlement from my case and they were never delayed in any of the processes. I am confident that had I not "fired" the first attorney that I started to work with and called HHJ trail attorneys, I would not have gotten the results that I got with HHJ. You can't go wrong with working with these guys to settle your case.
21:09 25 Aug 22
Michael and the HHJ staff were extremely helpful from the start of my case less than a year ago. From the time I had my accident, to having doctor appointments set up to the final conclusion, it couldn’t have been a smoother process from beginning to end. Michael is very detailed and organized and always has your best interest at heart. He is very responsive and is always on top of it. I didn’t have to do much other than show up to my doctor appts and respond with info that was needed. I would without a beat use Michael and his team again if needed. HHJ is the best in Southern California!
Claudia LopezClaudia Lopez
21:41 08 Jul 22
Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm, HHJ Trial Attorneys, took on our legal case. Mr. Adam Hepburn came recommended, luckily. We can't thank Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm for their stellar work throughout our entire legal case. If I had any questions or concerns, Mr. Adam Hepburn would quickly address my concerns either via email, cell phone or even on text. Mr. Adam Hepburn was very truthful, thoughtful when explaining the facts of my case, and extremely professional. If you're on the fence with hiring Adam Hepburn and his firm, don't be, he's the best in the field. Adam won my case! Must hire him and his firm if you need his type of services.
15:00 20 Apr 22
Michael and the team at HHJ Trial Attorneys have taken the best care of our Clients after they have being involved in road accidents. The care, attention and commitment they provide to all their clients is extraordinary as are their life enhancing results - HHJ Trial Attorneys = Best In Class.
Anne FranksAnne Franks
14:41 20 Apr 22
Michael at HHJ Trial Attorneys is a professional Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers group. This group is very is highly recommended! They are very professional compared to other firms. If you are looking for a quality group of attorneys that will get the job done, this is the one to call!

El Cajon Boat Accident Attorneys Helping You Get Justice

Navigating the aftermath of a boat accident can be as challenging as navigating turbulent waters, but with our dedicated team of seasoned attorneys, you’re not alone. We understand the unique complexities of maritime law and are deeply committed to advocating for the rights of those affected by boating accidents. Whether you’re dealing with physical injuries, emotional trauma, or navigating the intricate processes of insurance and legal claims, our expert legal guidance is tailored to ensure you receive the comprehensive support and vigorous representation you deserve

What Types of Injuries Can You Get from a Boat Accident in El Cajon?

Boat accidents in El Cajon, like in any other place, can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The types and severity of injuries often depend on the circumstances of the accident, including the speed of the boat, the nature of the impact, and whether the occupants were wearing life jackets. Common types of injuries from boat accidents include:

  1. Drowning or Near-Drowning Incidents: These are among the most serious consequences of boat accidents, especially if individuals are thrown overboard or the boat capsizes.

  2. Head Injuries: These can occur from hitting hard surfaces on the boat during a collision or from being struck by objects. Concussions, skull fractures, or traumatic brain injuries are possible.

  3. Spinal Cord Injuries: These injuries can lead to paralysis (either partial or complete) and are often a result of diving accidents or high-speed collisions.

  4. Broken Bones and Fractures: Impact with the boat, water, or other objects can cause broken arms, legs, ribs, and other bones.

  5. Lacerations and Bruises: Sharp edges, flying debris, or impact with the boat can cause cuts and bruises.

  6. Hypothermia: Prolonged exposure to cold water can lead to hypothermia, a condition where the body loses heat faster than it can produce it, leading to a dangerous drop in body temperature.

  7. Soft Tissue Injuries: These include sprains, strains, and tears to muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

  8. Burns: In cases where there’s a fire or explosion on the boat, occupants can suffer from burns.

  9. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: On boats with enclosed cabins, there’s a risk of carbon monoxide buildup, which can be fatal or cause serious health issues.

  10. Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Survivors of boating accidents may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

It’s important to note that safety measures such as wearing life jackets, operating the boat at safe speeds, avoiding alcohol while boating, and receiving proper boating education can significantly reduce the risk of these injuries.

Do I Have a Claim Following an El Cajon Boating Accident?

Whether you have a claim following a boating accident in El Cajon depends on several factors. To determine if you have a valid claim, consider the following aspects:

  1. Negligence: If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, such as reckless boating, operating the boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or violating boating laws, you may have a claim. Negligence is a key factor in personal injury cases.

  2. Injuries and Damages: To have a claim, you must have suffered injuries or damages. This can include physical injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

  3. Evidence: Having evidence to support your claim is crucial. This can include witness statements, accident reports, medical records, photographs of the accident scene, and other relevant documentation.

  4. Statute of Limitations: Be aware of the legal time limits for filing a claim. Each state has its statute of limitations that dictates how long you have to file a lawsuit after an accident. Missing this deadline can bar you from legal recourse.

  5. Liability: Determining who is liable for the accident is essential. In some cases, liability might be straightforward, but in others, it might involve multiple parties, such as the boat operator, the boat manufacturer, or even a government entity responsible for waterway safety.

  6. Insurance Coverage: The availability and extent of insurance coverage (both yours and the alleged at-fault party’s) can affect your claim. Insurance policies might cover certain types of accidents and damages.

  7. Comparative Fault: If you are found to be partially at fault for the accident, it could affect your ability to recover compensation or the amount you can recover, depending on California’s comparative negligence laws.

It’s highly recommended to consult with a personal injury attorney, particularly one experienced in boating accidents, to assess the specifics of your case. An attorney can provide legal advice tailored to your situation, help you understand your rights, and guide you through the process of filing a claim. They can also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and represent you in court if necessary.

When Should I Contact an El Cajon Boat Accident Lawyer?

It’s advisable to contact an El Cajon boat accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident for several reasons:

  1. Early Investigation: A lawyer can help gather and preserve crucial evidence before it’s lost or destroyed. This includes witness statements, photographs of the scene, and other relevant information that can support your case.

  2. Legal Advice: A lawyer can provide immediate legal advice on how to proceed, what to say to insurance companies, and what actions to take or avoid that could affect your claim.

  3. Navigating Insurance Claims: Dealing with insurance companies can be complex and challenging. A lawyer can handle these communications on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you don’t inadvertently say something that could be used against your claim.

  4. Determining Liability and Damages: An experienced boat accident lawyer can help determine liability and assess the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

  5. Statute of Limitations: Lawyers are well-versed in the legal time limits for filing claims. They can ensure that all necessary legal actions are taken within these deadlines.

  6. Negotiations and Litigation: If your case requires negotiation with insurance companies or litigation, a lawyer will be essential in representing your interests, advocating on your behalf, and working towards securing the best possible outcome.

  7. Complex Legal Procedures: Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with it. A lawyer can guide you through the process, handling the legal complexities while you focus on recovery.

  8. No Recovery, No Fee: Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you receive a settlement or win the case. This can be beneficial if you’re concerned about upfront legal costs.

Remember, every case is unique, and an initial consultation with a lawyer can provide specific guidance based on the details of your situation. It’s generally better to seek legal counsel sooner rather than later to ensure your rights are fully protected.

What Information Should I Discuss With an El Cajon Boat Accident Attorney?

When discussing your case with an El Cajon boat accident attorney, it’s important to provide comprehensive and accurate information to enable them to assess your case effectively. Here’s a list of key details you should be prepared to discuss:

  1. Accident Details: Describe how the accident occurred, including the date, time, location, weather conditions, and any other relevant circumstances. Be as detailed as possible.

  2. Involvement and Actions: Explain your role in the accident, what you were doing at the time, and any actions you took before, during, and after the incident.

  3. Injuries Sustained: Provide details about any injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. Include the nature of the injuries, the medical treatment you received, and the prognosis.

  4. Medical Records and Expenses: Bring copies of all medical records and bills related to your injuries, including hospital visits, treatment received, medications, and any future medical care that may be required.

  5. Photographs and Evidence: If you have photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, or damage to the boat and other property, share these with the attorney. Any physical evidence from the accident can also be valuable.

  6. Witness Information: Provide contact information for any witnesses who saw the accident or the events leading up to it. Witness statements can be crucial in establishing the facts of the case.

  7. Insurance Information: Discuss any interactions you’ve had with insurance companies, including your own and that of the other parties involved. Provide copies of any correspondence, including claim forms you’ve submitted or received.

  8. Financial Impact: Detail any financial losses you’ve incurred due to the accident, such as lost wages, the ability to work, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

  9. Police or Accident Reports: If a police report or a boating accident report was filed, bring a copy. These reports contain important information about the accident.

  10. Previous Communications: Discuss any communication you’ve had with other parties involved in the accident, their lawyers, or insurance representatives.

  11. Your Questions and Concerns: Prepare a list of questions or concerns you have about your case, legal options, the process ahead, and the potential outcomes.

  12. Any Legal Documents: If you’ve received any legal documents related to the accident, such as court papers, bring these to the attorney’s attention.

Remember, honesty and thoroughness are crucial when discussing your case with an attorney. They need the full picture to effectively evaluate and advise you on your legal options. Avoid withholding information as it may impact the effectiveness of your representation.


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