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Car accidents happen when you least expect them – they catch you off guard and create complications in your life. No matter the severity of the accident, you should do your due diligence to collect as much evidence and information as you can. It is your responsibility to argue your case and present as much evidence as you can find to support your side of the story.

Evidence comes in multiple forms, including witness testimony, photographs, and medical records. Our car accident attorneys in San Diego want to explain why it’s important to gather and collect as much as you can:


  1. Photographic Evidence
    Photographs will go a long way in corroborating the events that unfolded in the accident. Every smartphone has a camera, and you should make use of it when you can. Take pictures of the debris and other damages that occurred in the accident. Document any skid marks on the road and other visual evidence that you can find. Also, check to see if any signs or traffic signals were damaged in the collision and take pictures of them as well. Sometimes an at-fault driver will claim that their field of vision was obstructed, or they were at a bad angle, which caused the accident. Try to take pictures of the at-fault driver’s position to show that they had enough visibility to avoid hitting you. You can also document the weather and road conditions, if it is relevant. Photographic evidence will help you prove the extent of your losses so that you can recover adequate compensation.


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  1. Witness Statements
    When the accident occurs, you need to gather testimony from the people at the scene who witnessed everything. They can attest to your account of the accident, which will help bolster your case when negotiating with the insurance company. This evidence may also contradict the at-fault driver and help disprove any of their claims against you. Legally, no matter what state you live in, you cannot leave the scene of an accident. If the at-fault driver flees the scene, try to record their license plate number, and call the police immediately. If the driver does stop, ask for basic information, including their name, address, and phone number. You will also need to ask them for information regarding their insurance provider.




  1. Police Reports and Medical Records
    When law enforcement arrives at the scene, they will write a report that you can also use as evidence. Even if you don’t agree with the findings in the report, it will benefit you to have a copy of it on hand. Keep in mind that law enforcement are responsible for investigating what happened and make a record of it. Also, if you sustain any serious injuries in the crash, you will certainly have to seek medical treatment. You will need to keep track of any damages related to the accident, which includes the cost of your medical recovery. Your injuries can also get worse over time, which is why it’s important that you closely monitor your progress and any additional expenses that you incur.




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