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4 Key Pieces of Information Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Ask for as Part of Your Claim

Filing a personal injury claim can be daunting, especially if you’ve never had to deal with an attorney before. Navigating the process is often stressful and overwhelming, but the good news is that collecting evidence will make everything much easier. Here are the four key pieces of information that you should provide for your personal injury attorney in San Diego:


#1 – Police/Incident Reports
Serious accidents will require you to call the police to the scene, who’ll then assess what happened and report their findings. After law enforcement finishes drafting their report, you can request a copy. It will include information on any evidence they discovered at the scene as well as witness statements. Your car accident attorney can also use this report to pursue new leads in your case.



#2 – Insurance Information
You can recover compensation through the insurance company that provides you or the at-fault party with coverage (more often, it’s the latter). Make sure to always keep record of any correspondence you have with the company. If you’re seeking compensation through your own insurance, you’ll need to obtain information regarding your policy.


#3 – Medical Receipts and Other Cost-Related Documentation
The hospital bills and other expenses you incur after the accident will prove the losses you’ve suffered. Make sure you keep track of all medical receipts involving your injuries. You should also obtain and save any documentation dealing with the extra costs incurred due to the accident.




#4 – Your Work Information
Your work information is a key part of your personal injury claim. When you suffer injuries from a serious car accident, your earning capacity will likely diminish. Also, you lose money every day you’re away from work – it’s that simple. You need to provide information about your work history and how much money you earn. You should obtain previous pay stubs, W-2 information, and other documents that show your income before the accident.


What Happens Next?
Once you collect all the necessary information and documents, your attorney will begin building your case. Their job is to paint a clear picture of the events when you suffered your injuries in the accident. Your personal injury trial attorney will also use the evidence to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the case.


You should also avoid trial because the process can be costly and time-consuming. You’ll have to put your trust in a judge and jury to approve the damages you’re seeking. However, stockpiling evidence will bolster your claim and make it easier for your attorney to negotiate a settlement.


How HHJ Trial Attorneys Can Help
There’s a lot of information you have to provide your attorney for them to do their job. However, here at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego, we can help make the process much simpler. We’ll identify any documents you’re missing and keep you in the loop about the progress of your claim consistently.


You ultimately need an experienced and skilled attorney to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Schedule a consultation with us today and we can begin reviewing all the facts of your case. Our goal is to hold every at-fault party accountable and allow you to focus on your recovery.


Testimonial from Xuan, Personal Injury Client 
Elliott has always been the first person I consult when anyone in my life needs legal advice. He gives up so much of his time to offer his professional opinion and makes you feel valued and understood. A good friend of mine needed a civil attorney to help them ASAP. I referred them to Elliott Jung and I’m so happy I did. Elliott helped them through their situation, gave them great legal advice and put their minds at ease. He eventually told them that they didn’t need to retain him so he didn’t charge them anything. It’s great to know an honest attorney that was willing to help my close friends through their time of stress. You can tell he truly loves his job!

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