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Understanding Your Rights After a Fatal Car Accident

Each year, approximately 40,000 people die in fatal car accidents across the United States. The sudden loss of a loved one in a car crash devastates the surviving family. Seeking justice and compensation through a wrongful death claim can help the grieving process by holding negligent parties accountable.

Wrongful death claims allow families to fight for fairness and receive compensation for funeral costs, loss of financial support, and pain and suffering. The experienced wrongful death attorneys at HHJ Trial Attorneys are here to help families obtain the justice they deserve during the difficult time after losing someone in an automobile accident.

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims Following a Fatal Car Accident

A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit filed by family members of someone killed due to another party’s negligence or misconduct. The claim seeks compensation for the survivors’ loss. Eligible plaintiffs include the deceased’s spouses, children, parents, or dependents.

Wrongful death claims are based on state statutes that allow relatives to sue for damages when negligence or intentional actions cause a wrongful death.

Damages can include loss of financial support, companionship, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering. Families can hold accountable those responsible for their loved one’s preventable death by filing a claim.

What Are Some Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents?

Speeding, impaired driving, and distraction behind the wheel are common factors in fatal car crashes. Over 9,000 people die annually in speed-related crashes, while over 10,000 lives are lost to drunk driving accidents yearly. Additionally, an estimated nine people are killed daily in the U.S. in distraction-affected crashes.

Negligence plays a substantial role, as these accidents can be prevented by driving the speed limit, refraining from impaired driving, and avoiding distractions like cell phones behind the wheel. Our experienced car accident lawyers will help to dig into the details of your case and determine if negligence played a factor.

By being aware of hazardous driving practices, motorists can help reduce preventable deaths due to negligence on our roads.

The Impact on Families

The sudden loss of a loved one in a fatal car crash is a massive burden. Families deal with unbearable pain and often face paying daunting medical bills and funeral bills without their loved one’s financial support.

Legal action cannot erase the anguish of losing someone, but can ease the financial burden and bring a sense of justice. By holding negligent parties accountable, families take a stand for the memory of those they have lost too soon.

How Do You Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim?

After losing a loved one in a fatal car crash, consult an attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit as soon as possible. Vital evidence may be lost if the scene is not quickly documented so an attorney can immediately dispatch investigators. Most states require filing a wrongful death claim within 1-2 years, so it is crucial to act fast.

An attorney can help determine viable defendants, establish negligence, calculate damages, and file the lawsuit on your behalf. Although no financial compensation can make up for your loved one’s absence, holding the negligent parties accountable can provide your family closure and helpful finances through the legal system.

How Can You Prove Negligence in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Negligence means the at-fault party failed to act reasonably, leading to someone’s death. Evidence like police reports, video footage, eyewitness statements, and medical records help establish negligence in a fatal crash.

An accident reconstruction specialist can analyze physical evidence from the scene to determine contributing factors. Expert witness testimony can prove negligence based on accepted traffic safety standards.

For example, data from the vehicle’s black box may demonstrate excessive speed at the time of impact. Skilled wrongful death attorneys know how to build a compelling negligence case by gathering every piece of evidence available.

Compensation in Wrongful Death Claims

Families may seek compensation for a range of damages by filing a wrongful death claim, including:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills from the accident
  • Loss of the deceased’s future earnings
  • Loss of benefits like health insurance
  • Pain and suffering of survivors

The precise value of damages is calculated based on factors like the victim’s age, income, and role in the family. Punitive damages may also be awarded in cases of gross negligence, like drunk driving, to punish the at-fault party.

While no amount of money can replace a lost loved one, compensation can provide financial stability for grieving families.

The Legal Process and Timeline

After filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the defendant typically has 30 days to respond, though pre-trial procedures and evidence gathering can take months. Most cases settle out of court within 1-2 years.

If negotiations fail, the case proceeds to a jury trial that lasts days or weeks. Plaintiffs must prove liability, causation, and measurable damages. A judge decides matters of law, while the jury determines negligence.

Many cases settle before or during trial due to the unpredictability of juries. Experienced attorneys assess the strength of the evidence and maximize leverage during settlement talks to obtain full and fair compensation for grieving families.

How Can an Attorney Help Win a Wrongful Death Claim?

The complex legal process following a fatal car accident can overwhelm grieving families. An experienced wrongful death attorney serves as your guide and advocate. They handle time-consuming evidence collection and filings so you can focus on healing.

An attorney understands how to establish negligence, determine liable parties, calculate just compensation, and negotiate aggressively on your behalf. When choosing an attorney, select someone with a proven record of success in wrongful death cases.

Meet with them in person to evaluate their commitment to obtaining the maximum recovery for your loss. With the right legal team, families can pursue closure and accountability.

Win the Compensation You Deserve With Help From HHJ Trial Attorneys After a Fatal Car Accident

Losing a loved one in a fatal car crash is devastating. Families not only grieve the absence of someone dear but often face daunting practical burdens. While the legal system cannot erase the pain, filing a wrongful death claim can provide financial compensation and a sense of justice by holding negligent parties accountable.

Families gain an advocate by selecting an experienced personal injury attorney to help them navigate the complex legal process. The team at HHJ Trial Attorneys understands the gravity of your loss and will fight to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation if you have lost someone in a fatal car accident.


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