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5 Reasons You Should Still Consider Filing a Claim After a Fender Bender Car Accident

Fender benders and low-speed car accidents can be extremely frustrating, especially when the damages seem minimal. In a situation such as this, you might be wondering, “Do I even need to file a claim?” Sure, involving the insurance companies in a minor accident seems like a hassle. However, our car accident lawyers recommend that you should still consider filing a claim after a fender bender car accident.


Reason #1 – Another Person Was Injured
Suppose you, the other driver or any passengers of the vehicles were injured, you will need to inform your insurance company about the incident – even if it was a minor fender bender. Attempting to settle and pay off any damages without notifying your insurance provider could result in legal consequences, such as personal injury lawsuits.



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Reason #2 – Fixing Your Vehicle
Even with minor fender bender car accidents, the cost to repair the damage could easily exceed your deductible. This means that filing an insurance claim will make a lot of financial sense. Sometimes the expenses are unaffordable, which would make your situation even more disastrous if you were to try and cover the damage without any help from your insurance.


Reason #3 – You Haven’t Filed a Claim in a While
You’ve got a clean driving record and haven’t filed an insurance claim in years – why avoid filing a claim now? The good news is that it probably won’t cause your insurance rates to increase dramatically. You have car insurance for a reason, so take advantage of it when you can.



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Reason #4 – A Driver Can Change Their Mind
After the fender bender car accident occurs, you and the other driver may hash things out and decide not to notify the insurance companies. However, the other driver could have a change of heart as they start experiencing pains a couple of hours after the accident. This will likely prompt them to contact their insurance provider, who will then contact the company that provides your insurance coverage.


Reason #5 – Inaccurate Estimates
You and the other driver agree to settle things without involving the insurance companies. They get an estimate on the damage before informing you about the amount of money it’ll cost to repair their vehicle. However, you’re having your own doubts about the estimate’s accuracy because it seems incredibly costly for a simple fender bender car accident.


Now, you need someone else – whom you trust – to evaluate the damage, but the other driver refuses to cooperate. This will, in effect, further complicate the matter, making any resolution between you and the other party impossible. Ultimately, filing a simple insurance claim allows you to avoid any such nonsense.



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Contact a Car Accident Attorney Today About Your Fender Bender Car Accident
If you were recently in a car accident and require legal assistance, look no further. At HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego, we represent many Californians who’re seeking compensation for their injuries and other damages. We never cut corners, do our research, and provide all of our clients with personalized attention.


You shouldn’t hesitate to seek out a lawyer whenever a collision occurs. That’s why you should give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our trusted legal experts. We can review your case before determining the best course of action for obtaining compensation.

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