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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Pursuing a Sexual Assault Case

Sexual assaults are severe offenses, and as a victim, you should never hesitate to hold your attacker accountable. We understand that coming forward with your story can be frightening, but you deserve justice. Delays in reporting the abuse can jeopardize your case why you should take action immediately. Here are four reasons why you should never wait to pursue a sexual assault case with our sexual assault lawyers in San Diego:



Reason #1 – Delays Harm Your Case

Realistically, the best time to come forward is immediately after the incident. Why? You’ll face an uphill battle to prove that your perpetrator committed the assault. Physical evidence – such as fingerprints, DNA, etc. – won’t be available when you allow enough time to pass. Building and strengthening your case is easier when you take action immediately.


Unfortunately, many victims keep the abuse a secret forever because they feel too much time has passed. They may believe there’s no benefit in reporting the case because it’s been years after the assault. We understand the agony of coming forward, but you’re always better off reporting the abuse as soon as possible. Too many violent criminals continue harming others if their crimes go unreported.


Reason #2 – Justice Goes Unserved

Promptly filing a sexual assault claim ensures that you’ll obtain justice. You need to send a message to your attacker and anyone aiding and abetting their behavior. Co-workers and colleagues who looked the other way are considered negligent for not stopping the assault or intervening.


Reason #3 – You Deserve Closure

Victims can often feel powerless when they don’t tell anyone what happened. They deal with endless trauma and suffering, which can diminish their quality of life. Coming forward with your story ensures you get help from counselors, psychiatrists, and mental health experts. Recovering from the assault can be difficult and painful, but healing is a vital part of the process.


Reason #4 – You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Seriousness of the Assault

Many victims won’t pursue sexual assault cases because they feel the evidence isn’t good enough. This is a huge misconception – you should never assume the outcome of your case. Hiring an attorney ensures that you can explore all your options and obtain answers to your questions. Their job is to corroborate your claims by thoroughly investigating the incident.


Contact HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego for Assistance

At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we work with many victims of sexual assault. As a survivor, you must tell your story and seek justice for your attacker. Allowing too much time to go by can damage your case considerably. Schedule an appointment with one of our legal experts today, and we’ll begin reviewing your case. Our job is to provide advocacy and support for anyone who’s been victimized.







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