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The open road is often a welcome sight for motorcyclists — it means no worrying about traffic and inattentive automobile drivers who don’t offer enough space for their bikes. Unfortunately, that sight is a rare one, and many individuals, from hobbyists to daily commuters, ride their motorcycles through city traffic and on highways every day. When the alleged negligence of another driver causes another accident involving your bike, the result could be serious injuries alongside the almost certain destruction of your motorcycle.

Whether you’re facing an uphill battle with your own insurance company or a dispute over who was at fault, there are several elements to building a successful case. With the appropriate steps, you can increase the likelihood that you can obtain a settlement that adequately pays for medical costs, property loss, pain and suffering and other damages due to your personal injury. What should you do to maximize your chances of pursuing a successful claim?

  1. Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

Evidence to support your claim that another driver was at fault and should bear the costs associated with your accident is essential to your success. If you contacted the police after an accident, you should have a means of obtaining the report related to your accident. You may have received an officer’s business card during the post-accident interaction. Call the number on the card to ask about how to get the information you need. If you run into a problem during this step, don’t worry — your attorney can help you later.

2. Maintain Proof of Your Injuries and Treatment Costs

Demonstrating the effects of a driver’s negligence is a core component of building your case. Not only should you visit the doctor and receive an official diagnosis for any injuries you received, but you should also take care to follow the doctor’s orders. Courts aren’t likely to find in your favor if you claim that an accident left you unable to work, but your social media page shows you partying on the beach later in the week. Follow your treatment advice, take it slow, and maintain accurate records of all your medical costs.

3. Preserve Evidence Such as Your Helmet and Gear

Don’t throw out that busted-up helmet or ruined leather jacket — they could be important pieces of evidence for demonstrating the severity of the accident and the potential for other more severe outcomes. Although you may not reach a point where you need to produce this kind of evidence, you never know what course your case will take, so keep it on hand.

4. Connect With a Proven Personal Injury Lawyer

Finally, start your search for a legal team with the experience and passion necessary to pursue your case to a successful conclusion. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer and take advantage of a free consultation to learn what you could expect from the process. In the meantime, continue to stay off social media and do not sign any paperwork sent to you by insurance companies. Making an agreement now could remove the chance for a settlement later.

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5. Build Your Case Together

After consulting with a lawyer and providing as much information as possible, it’s up to your team to do their jobs well. You won’t need to worry about communicating with the insurance company or any other parties, and you can trust in regular updates on the proceedings. With the right information and a trustworthy team of experienced lawyers handling your case, you can boost your chances of success for a substantial settlement or verdict. 

At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we understand the complexities involved in motorcycle accidents and the serious issues you may face as a result. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Testimonial from Miguel, a motorcycle injury victim from San Diego

I referred a family member who had been involved in a motorcycle accident and HHJ went above and beyond. They were able to resolve the case for much more than ever expected and really helped explain every step of the process to them. They even went as far as to provide some great advice on what to do with all of the money he received to ensure he didn’t blow it all being that he was younger. Because of their hard work and the results I have seen I refer anyone who asks me about a good personal injury attorney. Everyone I have referred has nothing but great things to say about them and so I know that they really know what they are doing.

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