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Critical Considerations When It Comes to Calculating Future Damages

In personal injury claims, “damages” are made available to plaintiffs who prove that the defendants are liable for causing their injuries. These damages are the compensation you receive to cover your medical bills and other relevant expenses. However, the damages you incur in the future can be a little tricky to calculate.


In this article, our personal injury attorneys in San Diego will discuss some of the key factors that’ll help you determine what kind of damages can occur down the road. Here’s what you need to know:


Future Damages Are Difficult to Calculate
When it comes to personal injury claims, certain damages are easy to calculate. When receiving medical treatment, bills and other tangible expenses begin to add up. Also, when you miss work due to your injuries, you can easily estimate the amount of money you didn’t get to make. Car repairs are also a number that doesn’t take much effort to calculate.


Future damages, on the other hand, are a lot more complex in nature and can be difficult to grasp. Will you require ongoing medical treatment for your injuries? Predicting the future is often impossible, but there are methods to prevent continuing financial hardship.




Earning Capacity
Calculating future damages will require you to compare your earning capacity before and after the accident. Loss of future income is a very real possibility, and you have to account for it. Even if you don’t have a job at the time of the accident, you can still claim damages for missing out on future work opportunities.


Future Treatment
Anticipating additional medical costs should also factor into how you calculate future damages. This can include doctor’s appointments, surgical procedures, medications/prescriptions, special medical devices, and more. It’s important that you consider how your condition can evolve over time and if it’s possible to make a full recovery.


Here’s an example – a car accident caused third-degree burns to your body. You visit your doctor, who recommends an extensive series of surgeries because of the severity of the burns. In your personal injury claim, you’d obviously want to cover these future medical expenses.




Future Pain and Suffering
While undergoing further medical treatment, you will also experience emotional trauma, which can worsen over time. Permanent injuries and disfigurement are catastrophic and life-changing for car accident victims. In many cases, people are unable to resume a normal life, which can be devastating. The pain and suffering that can potentially occur in the future is also something you need to consider.


Why Future Damages Are Critical
Severe physical ailments are often difficult to predict in terms of the recovery process. How long will you be unable to work? How many doctor’s visits and surgeries will you need to undergo? These are questions where the answers are elusive. It’s always better for you to contact a personal injury attorney and determine how their services can benefit you.


No More Uncertain Futures
If your future is in jeopardy after a car accident, now’s the time to contact the offices of HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego. Our goal is to hold the at-fault party responsible for your injuries and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Schedule an appointment with us today – after a free consultation, we can immediately begin representing and building your case.


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