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3 Things That You Can Expect When Working With Our Personal Injury Attorneys

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is something that you may have to do if you want to obtain full compensation for any injuries you suffered in an accident. If you have never had to hire one, it’s understandable that you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to expect. 


The good news is that working with the personal injury attorneys at HHJ Trial Attorneys will make everything a lot simpler and easier to understand. Our job is to ensure that you feel comfortable and help ease any burden you may feel when dealing with those insurance companies. We will argue your case on your behalf and fight for a settlement that adequately compensates you for the damages you sustained in an accident. 


So, what exactly is a personal injury lawyer in San Diego going to do for you? Here are the three things that you can expect. 


#1 – Guidance in Gathering and Collecting Evidence
Collecting and gathering the right kind of evidence for your personal injury claim is a critical aspect of your case, which is why it’s critical that you receive guidance from a personal injury attorney regarding the type of evidence that you need. An experienced attorney such as the ones at HHJ Trial Attorneys will be able to provide you with the insight that you need regarding the documentation that can help to support your case. 



#2 – Negotiating a Settlement with the Insurance Company
Unfortunately, many insurance companies will try and offer you a settlement that doesn’t provide you with adequate compensation for the damages you suffered. Hiring a personal injury lawyer ensures that you can secure a payout that is fair and sufficient. 


Negotiating settlements can be extremely drawn out, especially if you don’t have an attorney to represent you during the negotiations. You need an expert team of attorneys to take over everything and communicate with the insurance company. They know how to talk to an adjuster, which will help expedite the entire process. Taking the step of hiring legal representation can also help to eliminate and ease some of your stress so that you can focus on your recovery or more important day to day aspects of your life. 


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#3 – Proper Legal Representation
It’s always possible that your case could go to court which means that you should have a lawyer to represent your rights and interests. Ideally, you will want to settle your case beforehand, but sometimes, going to filing a lawsuit is inevitable. Representing yourself in front of a jury is rarely a good idea, especially if you aren’t familiar with personal injury law. A personal injury will be there by your side to argue your case. 



Pro Tip: Be Honest with Your Personal Injury Lawyer
Think of your lawyer as your advocate and tell them as much pertinent information as you can. Disclose all of the facts and be transparent about the particulars of your case. This will help your lawyer argue your case and avoid any potential legal obstacles. 


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The Personal Injury Attorneys at HHJ Trial Attorneys are Here for You
Are you currently negotiating a settlement with your insurance company? Perhaps you’re getting ready to file a personal injury claim? If so, then you will need legal representation to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Don’t waste any time in scheduling an appointment with one of our personal injury lawyers. 


Testimonial from Julie, Satisfied Personal Injury Client 

A few months ago my fiancé was in a car accident. It was very scary and we didn’t know what we needed to do or where to even begin. We found HHJ and they were so quick to help right away. They were so thoughtful and personable as they walked us through the process step by step and were able to help him get the medical attention he needed. Everyone that had they referred us to were top notch and so amazing. I am so thankful for the entire team at HHJ and all that they have done for us!

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