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HHJ Secures $1.25 Million Dollar Policy Limits Settlement

During a time where we are facing a national pandemic, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty regarding the legal process.  The courts remain shut down and people say insurance companies are not properly evaluating injuries.  We have continued to stay positive and aggressively pursue each client’s case.  

Meet Isaac.  He is an engineer that was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a distracted driver.  His life changed instantly.  Partner Adam Hepburn was the lead counsel on the case and he started investigating immediately.  Adam walked Isaac through the process and made sure that he was receiving all the proper medical treatment.  Initially, they were led to believe there was only $250,000 worth of insurance coverage to protect Isaac and that was disheartening.  Adam investigated further and found out that there was additional insurance coverage. Last week HHJ secured $1,250,000 for Isaac and did not take a penny less.  Isaac is not back to his original state after the collision, but he is thankful to be alive.

Today Partner Adam Hepburn got to hand Isaac his settlement check for everything that he has gone through and for everything he will go through moving forward.  Best of luck to you Isaac!

1.25 Million Dollar settlement awarded to motorcyclist with the help of his personal injury lawyer

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