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How much will I receive from my car accident settlement?

What’s my case worth? 

My name is Elliot Jung. I’m a car accident attorney and one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. 

I hear that a lot from my clients,  “What’s the value of my case?”.  Well, there’s really two different categories of damages that we look at when someone’s been injured in a serious accident or received a serious injury

First, we look at economic damages. There we look at all the medical bills that have accrued because you’ve received this injury and that’s easy. We just add up all the bills that you’ve had to receive because of this incident.

We can also look at your lost wages. How has your job been affected? How long have you not been able to work because you’ve been injured? So again, we added that number and then we can calculate that time period. Exactly how much you’ve lost.

The most important part for us is something called non-economic damages. That’s the physical pain, the mental suffering, anxiety, emotional distress. These are all the things that you’ve had to deal with every single day because of this injury. And so we use something called PPH: Pain Per Hour. For every hour that your life’s been affected, we come up with the value. 

And that’s how we come up with the damage is to look at what your case is worth.

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