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Devastating car accidents happen a lot more often than you think in the state of California. They
can prove to be a major blow to your physical and mental health while also setting you back
financially. Once the accident happens, it can be difficult to recoup all of the damage that you
suffered. Fortunately, there is a way in which you can obtain the compensation that you

At HHJ Trial Attorneys in La Mesa, we can assist you in navigating the legal process that will
happens after an accident. We have the experience and legal resources to ensure that you are
not missing out on any compensation.

Why Hire HHJ Trial Attorneys?

Our team of personal injury attorneys in La Mesa can handle your case no matter the
circumstances or conditions. We look at every factor surrounding the matter, and then we
consider all of your legal options moving forward. Ultimately, our goal is to bring the best
possible outcome for your case.

Our attorneys in La Mesa always do our due diligence when reviewing your case. We also know
how to negotiate with insurance companies to prevent them from taking advantage of you. In
short, our personal injury attorneys in La Mesa will:

    • Help you to avoid going to court with the insurance companies
    • Take the time to understand the facts of your case
    • Obtain the compensation that you deserve


Is My Claim Worth Pursuing?

This question is often difficult to answer without a detailed consultation with a personal injury
lawyer. However, there are several definitive ways in which we determine if your case is worth
pursuing. They include:

      • The severity of your injuries
      • Who is at fault
      • Your quality of life after the accident
      • Any loss of wages
      • Your overall damages stemming from the accident


Making a Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, insurance companies will often try to short-change you.
Having a personal injury lawyer with years of experience will make a huge difference in how you
negotiate a settlement. Our personal injury attorneys can accurately calculate the different types
of damages you suffered from the accident and submit a claim with the insurance company.
Before you bring your case to us, keep the following in mind:

      • California has complicated laws when it comes to fault determination, so avoid admitting
        responsibility for the accident
      • Seek medical care as soon as possible. Your health is extremely important, and you
        don’t want to suffer any more than you already have.


Schedule a Consultation with Our Personal Injury Attorneys in La Mesa Today
Here in La Mesa, the personal injury lawyers at HHJ Trial Attorneys are going to fight for the
compensation you deserve. We ensure that you don’t have to settle for less and we will save
you the time of having to go to court to argue your case. Our personal injury attorneys in La
Mesa will always bring about the best legal and financial outcome for you and your family.

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