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Pursuing an Accident Claim After a Traumatic Brain Injury in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Involving Brain Injury

In an instant motorcycle accidents change lives. Even the best protective equipment cannot fully protect the body from injury in the most severe accidents involving motorcycle riders. A rider may be thrown many feet from the accident scene in impact situations, creating an additional series of traumatic events. In a significant number of motorcycle accidents, riders suffer traumatic brain injuries that may range from mild concussions to more severe head trauma.

If another party could be liable for the cause of the injuries, you may be able to pursue an accident claim to help offset the costs incurred for care, alongside the ability to claim general damages in the form of pain and suffering. How do you pursue such a claim?

Focus on Dealing With the Immediate Effects First

The effects of traumatic brain injuries can be extensive, but they can also be deceptively subtle. Some may even take time to manifest after the injury occurs, leading to complications months or years after the accident. Some of these effects can include:

  • Chronic headaches, dizziness, and visual impairment
  • Sudden changes in mood or personality, or the development of mood disorders
  • Loss of mobility and bodily autonomy

You should always place your focus on recovery first. However, it would be wise to consult with a brain injury attorney as soon as possible as there may be a very important statute of limitations to consider after which your claim may be barred. 

Documenting the Costs of Your Care

Your healthcare costs will be one of the biggest expenses you incur following a motorcycle accident involving a TBI. Keeping your hospital bills and insurance records will help to prove that you suffered real and quantifiable damages because of the other party’s negligence. If you lose your job or otherwise suffer a loss of income because of your accident, you should also document these impacts. While a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you calculate intangible damages, firm numbers in other areas will help your case.

Choosing a Law Firm to Represent Your Case

When you’re ready to move forward, choose an experienced personal injury law firm that has a verifiable track record of success both inside and outside the courtroom. Achieving the right results for your case could mean driving a hard bargain in negotiation or going to bat for you in front of a jury. Search for firms with plenty of experience, successful recoveries in cases similar to yours, and a welcoming atmosphere that lets you know your claim is in the best hands possible.

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What is the Claim Process?

Every claim is different, but once a law firm agrees to take on your case, the heavy lifting will be in their hands. Your lawyer may need to wrangle with an insurer to pay out the full value of your policy, or they may file suit against the party responsible for your accident. Negotiations may take place if there is a good chance for obtaining a valuable settlement for your case. Sometimes, a trial before a judge or jury may be necessary to prove that your accident was caused by negligence or that your injuries are as severe as claimed. Your attorney will explain everything to expect as the process unfolds.

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Working with a Personal Injury Firm in San Diego with Proven Experience

At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we understand how a motorcycle accident can turn your life upside down without warning. Assembled by a team of experienced and proven attorneys with hundreds of cases worth of courtroom experience, our key focus is personal injury. We understand how to calculate your damages, negotiate better settlements, and, when necessary, take your case to court and fight for victory. Contact our team today to arrange for a consultation on the facts of your accident.

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