News: Driver arrested after wrong-way crash on SR-54

SAN DIEGO, CA – One person was hospitalized and another was taken into custody following a wrong-way collision on SR 54 in National City last Saturday.

According to Fox 5 San Diego, the driver of a black Mercedes was driving up the freeway entrance ramp at Highland Avenue when his vehicle collided head-on with a blue Jeep.

The Jeep’s driver was transported to a local hospital. No updates on his condition are available at this time.

The driver of the Mercedes was arrested after failing a DUI test.

If you were involved in a wrong-way collision in San Diego, the actions you take afterward could have a serious effect on your personal injury case. The first thing you should do is pull your vehicle to a safe portion of the roadway, if possible. Next, check on all the occupants of your vehicle. If anyone is injured, contact emergency services immediately. Once everyone is accounted for, you should gather evidence at the scene, such as photos and videos, and exchange contact information with the other drivers involved. If you have not done so, contact local authorities at this time. Officers will arrive to take an official report of your accident. Finally, contact HHJ Trial Attorneys at 1-888-50-LAWFIRM to schedule a free consultation with one of our premier San Diego car accident lawyers.

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