News: Injury reported in DUI crash on I-5SB near Balboa Ave.

SAN DIEGO, CA – At least one person went to the hospital Saturday after an alleged DUI crash involving two vehicles on the interstate in Pacific Beach, reports CBS 8.

The incident happened around 9:49 p.m. on the southbound side of I-5 near Balboa Avenue, which is just northeast of the Northern Wildlife Preserve in Pacific Beach.

It’s still unclear how the accident happened, but police say it involved a white Lexus SUV and a second SUV. The white SUV sustained extensive front-end damage, and the second SUV overturned down an embankment.

One person became entrapped in the overturned SUV, and medics rendered aid to at least three patients at the scene. At least one person went to the hospital with injuries.

Police detained the driver of the white SUV on suspicion on driving under the influence.

A full investigation is underway.

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