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If you were involved in a devastating car crash, you have a right to seek compensation through your insurance company. Unfortunately, many insurance companies try to get people to accept a settlement that doesn’t equate to the compensation an injured party truly deserves.


Here are four examples of instances where you may want to wait to accept a settlement from an insurance company until you speak with a personal injury attorney:


Reason #1: You could potentially recover more money/compensation

Without hiring a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, it can be difficult to calculate the damages you incur from a car accident. Many insurance companies try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of this field by offering you a settlement that doesn’t offer you enough financial compensation. A personal injury attorney, on the other hand, will investigate the extent of your damages and will look over your medical expenses and also calculate your pain and suffering, often increasing the value of your case.


You shouldn’t accept an offer until you understand the full cost of your damages. You need to take the time to gather all the documentation that is pertinent to your case. We strongly advise that you consult with a lawyer beforehand to ensure that you are not overlooking anything.


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Reason #2: Your injuries are a lot worse than you originally thought

In many instances, it could take time for you to realize the full extent of the injuries you suffered in the accident. It’s possible that you may require future treatment plans, such as surgery or physical rehab. Future complications can also arise as a result of your injuries, which is something you also need to account for when seeking compensation.


You also have to anticipate those unexpected and costly medical bills that you will receive after you treat your injuries. The insurance companies are aware of the fact that they will benefit financially from persuading you to settle early on. Don’t accept the bait – be patient and fight for the full compensation for your damages.


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Reason #3: They will offer you a settlement that doesn’t account for your pain and suffering

Many insurance companies won’t consider the emotional and psychological trauma you suffered from the accident. Car accidents can cause anxiety, depression, and other forms of pain that can greatly hamper you in life. A car accident attorney in San Diego has different methods for calculating the monetary value of your pain and suffering.


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Reason #4: The settlement they are offering is too low

The truth of the matter is that the insurance companies will try to get you to accept the lowest possible offer. They will try to undervalue your claim and persuade you to settle for way less. They understand that you are in a vulnerable position and that you likely need cash in your pockets immediately. The first settlement offer is usually low, which is why you need to talk to an attorney to determine the right amount of compensation.


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