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Pedestrian Dies in Unusual Interstate Collision

Balboa Park car accident

A San Diego family experienced tragedy just before the Christmas holiday. A man walking on or near Interstate 5 was struck and killed by a motorist on December 18th.

The California Highway Patrol investigation into the accident remains ongoing. Few details were available at press time, but local outlets reported that the accident occurred around 9 a.m. in the vicinity of Balboa Park. The severity of the accident caused grave injuries to the victim, an unidentified man. Unfortunately, the man passed away at the scene.

CHP has not yet released details on the circumstances surrounding the accident, and it is unknown why a pedestrian was present on the interstate in the first place. Police continue to gather facts, seeking information from anyone who may have witnessed the accident.

Although the nature of this accident is unusual in its details, the unfortunate truth is that fatal accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians are not uncommon. Indeed, pedestrian deaths have reached a level not seen since the 1990s, with almost 6,600 pedestrians dying in traffic-related accidents in 2019 alone. Many more than that, sustain injuries as a result of encounters with potentially negligent drivers. Alcohol is often a factor in such events.

Such accidents are life-altering for families and for the victims who survive their ordeal. For the families of survivors, these accidents leave many questions — and often a big hole in their social and support structures. If you’ve recently been injured as a pedestrian or lost a loved one to an accident involving a driver, you may be able to pursue legal compensation claims.
Are you eligible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit, or a suit alleging other negligence? It is vital to have a qualified legal professional review the facts now, as there may be time limits for bringing the action to court. Explore your options through a free legal consultation with the experienced team at HHJ Trial Attorneys today. Contact us for further information.


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