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Importance of Communication from Your Personal Injury Attorney

While recovering from severe injuries due to an unexpected accident, you may have the unpleasant task of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. Insurance companies can be difficult if not impossible to communicate with which is why it’s always prudent to hire a personal injury lawyer in San Diego to speak on your behalf.


Allow us to explain more about why you should have an attorney representing you during the negotiation period. Here are the four reasons why you should trust a personal injury attorney to communicate with the insurance company:


Reason #1: You Should Focus on Your Recovery
When settling a personal injury case, you are likely going through a lot of physical and emotional suffering. You need more time to focus on your recovery and getting back to normal. Without a personal injury lawyer, you will have to deal with the insurance company directly. They will require documentation dealing with the accident, such as proof of your injuries, proof of damage to your vehicle, and your account of how the crash occurred. This can take up a lot of your time, which will interfere with your recovery period.



Reason #2: A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows Your Rights
Your attorney has the legal training to deal with insurance representatives who will likely try to deprive you of the full compensation that you deserve. An experienced attorney will handle your claim and ensure that you are leaving any money on the table. Personal injury lawyers know how to communicate with the insurance companies; they won’t allow you to say something that will potentially jeopardize the maximum amount of money you could receive from the settlement.


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Reason #3: Your Settlement Will Be Fair and Reasonable
A personal injury lawyer will not accept a settlement that comes up short of what you deserve. They are going to calculate all of the damages from the accident, which encompass your medical expenses, loss of wages, emotional/psychological suffering, and more. An attorney knows how to determine a monetary value for the settlement that adequately covers the financial and emotional fallout that you experienced from the accident. A personal injury lawyer can also immediately recognize when the insurance company is trying to short-change you.


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Reason #4: Hiring a Lawyer Sends a Message To The Insurance Company
Having a personal injury lawyer to represent you will inform the insurance company that you mean business. It lets them know that you are serious about recovering the full compensation that you deserve. This will make the outcome of the settlement a lot more favorable for you (you are the victim of this whole ordeal, after all).


Schedule an Appointment Today with a Personal Injury Lawyer
If you live in southern California and require legal assistance for your personal injury claim, then please give us a call. The personal injury attorneys here at HHJ Trial Attorneys have decades of combined experience when it comes to personal injury law, and we can negotiate a settlement that is fair and covers all of the damages you suffered. You can rely on us to communicate with the insurance company!


Testimonial from Frankie, Personal Injury Client
I was in a horrible car accident in August 2019, my car rolled 6 times. I was struggling to settle this car accident with the insurance of the person at fault trying to rip me off with next to nothing. That wasn’t going to work because the car accident had left me in quite a bit of debt and no insurance from not being able to work. Luckily my boss at the time met one of the attorneys at HHJ and gave me their information. I was worries due to the fact that I’ve never hired an attorney and was worries about being scammed or not be able to work with my case. I took a chance and met with one of the attorneys for a consultation and he was friendly, extremely professional, patient, and transparent about the entire process, every detail was explained clearly. In the end I agreed to work with them, and they were able to get a settlement that helped balance my finances to what they were before the car accident. Not only do I recommend their team but I insist you schedule a consultation if you need honest help from hard working professionals.

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