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5 Ways to Tell If You Should Partner with a Personal Injury Attorney to Settle Your Claim

You recently sustained injuries in a serious accident, and now you are going through the process of filing a claim with the insurance company. However, you are beginning to encounter several obstacles and deterrents that are making it much more difficult to recover financial compensation for your damages. You have long-term injuries that are affecting your ability to complete normal, day-to-day tasks. Also, you are possibly dealing with an insurance provider that is flat out refusing to provide you with financial compensation.


Traumatic accidents can create a lot of pain and hardship in your life, which is why you need to hire a personal injury attorney. They are going to help ease your suffering while navigating the claims process on your behalf. Here are five ways to tell that you need a personal injury attorney in San Diego to settle your claim for you:


#1 — Sustaining Life-Altering Injuries
After being seriously injured in the accident, you can’t go about your life as you normally would. This means that you will suffer far-reaching effects from the incident, and you will likely rack up medical bills for the foreseeable future. An experienced attorney will perform all of the legal legwork, which will allow you to focus on your recovery.


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#2 — Potential Long-Term Disability
Chronic pain can limit you significantly in terms of your physical well-being, which means that you will likely have to deal with medical expenses for quite some time. Most insurance providers will try to limit the amount of compensation that you are due. Hiring an attorney ensures that you can obtain a settlement that will protect you financially for years to come.



#3 — The Insurance Provider Is Being Stingy
After you filed a personal injury claim, the insurance provider proposes a settlement offer that is well short of what you deserve. The damages you sustained from the accident are excessively costly, which is why you should never settle for less. Consulting a personal injury lawyer will prove to be incredibly beneficial in terms of your financial outlook.


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#4 — Lost Wages
Let’s also not forget that a devastating accident can potentially prevent you from working and supporting your family. When you are incapacitated and unable to earn a living, you will have to extricate yourself from a tough spot financially. A personal injury attorney will know exactly how to calculate the loss of income you will experience and factor it into the asking price of your settlement.



#5 — Proving Liability
When seeking compensation, you should keep in mind that insurance companies have their own lawyers to evaluate claims. They can refuse to offer you a settlement on the grounds that you failed to prove that the at-fault party is responsible for your injuries. This is another instance where it will benefit you immensely to have legal representation. They are going to gather evidence and build a case, proving that you are legally entitled to compensation.


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Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust
Here at HHJ Trial Attorneys, we work with a wide range of clients throughout San Diego, ensuring that Californians can obtain compensation for their injuries. We can evaluate your case and negotiate a settlement on your behalf with the insurance companies. Schedule an appointment with us today and we can get to work immediately!


Testimonial from Lorraine, Personal Injury Client
I met Elliott Jung and Michael Hernandez when I was looking for a lawyer to help me deal with the worse situation in my life, a DUI. Last December 11th I was charged with a DUI and I was terrified to say the least. My first contact with Elliott was crying and scared of going to prison. He calmed me down and immediately made me feel he was there for me. Throughout this process which was a long process almost a year due to Covid, Elliott kept in constant contact with me and when I had a meltdown, he was there 100%. He kept in touch with me throughout and leading up to my hearing. Elliott was always kind, caring and extremely professional. A few weeks ago, my hearing was heard and finalized, and Elliott done all and everything in his power to get me a result that kept me out of jail and helped me dealing with the repercussions of my actions. I highly recommend Elliott and Michael should you ever find yourself in the situation I was in. Elliott done all and everything he could do to make this process a little easier to deal with. I truly thank him from my heart for everything. I remain sober and 11th December I hit one year and without the support from Elliott I am not sure if I would be in my sober position today. Thank you, Elliott and Michael, for everything.

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