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Unfortunately, hundreds of people suffer significant injuries every day due to someone else’s negligence. The recovery process can be grueling and tedious, but victims also have to try and recover compensation for medical bills and other damages. This includes negotiating with insurance companies, which can be tricky if you don’t have a San Diego car accident lawyer representing you.


As the victim of an accident, you should have realistic expectations about filing a personal injury claim. However, we want to dispel any misconceptions about the process. Here are six common myths about personal injury claims and car accidents.


Myth #1 – Personal Injury Claims Are Easy Money
Personal injury claims require a lot of hard work and knowledge of how the legal system works. In other words, recovering full compensation will require considerable persistence and skill. Also, keep in mind that your case is unique, and you’ll recover compensation according to the parameters of your claim.


Myth #2 – You Can File Your Claim at Any Time
The statute of limitations prevents you from filing a personal injury claim whenever you feel like it. In California, you have a two-year deadline before your claim becomes invalid. Also, waiting a long time to take action can weaken your case and make it difficult to recover compensation.



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Myth #3 – The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Policy Should Cover Your Medical Expenses as You Incur Them
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way – you will have to pay off your bills as you incur them. You can, however, request assistance from your healthcare provider or auto insurance provider until you obtain a settlement. The insurance company for the at-fault driver doesn’t have to pay anything until both sides reach an agreement or settle the claim in court.


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Myth #4 – You’re Guaranteed Compensation
Even if you’re the plaintiff pursuing a personal injury claim against a defendant, you’re not guaranteed anything. Many individuals who suffer injuries in accidents don’t recover compensation. It’s certainly unfortunate, but every case is different, and you can’t always predict how things will play out.


Myth #5 – Personal Injury Claims Take No Time To Resolve
The duration to resolve everything will vary with every personal injury claim. Remember, multiple factors can prolong the entire process, including the medical treatment you receive for your injuries. Gathering evidence can also take some time.


Furthermore, the negligent party is another participant who has to agree with you on a settlement offer. Negotiations can fall apart at any time, also delaying the process. Ultimately, you can’t predict how long it’ll take to resolve your claim.


Myth #6 – You Don’t Need To Hire a Lawyer
The experts here at HHJ Trial Attorneys are the best people for the job. We assist many Californians seeking compensation for their injuries and other damages they suffered. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys, who’ll immediately commence a case review.


Testimonial from Chris, Personal Injury Client
Everyone I dealt with at this office was extremely professional and courteous. They took the time to listen and keep me updated. They are extremely knowledgeable. Adam was recommended to me and I definitely was satisfied and will refer Adam and his law firm to others.

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