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5 Reasons Why a Police Report is Critical in Your Personal Injury Case

Devastating accidents will likely occur when you least expect them, causing you to experience severe injuries that often require a lengthy recovery process. When seeking compensation for the damages, you will need to prove that the negligent party was liable. This will require you to gather and collect as much evidence as you can that is pertinent to your case, such as a police report.


A police report contains a summary of the accident and other relevant information, written and provided to you by the officer who arrives at the scene. But is a police report important to your personal injury case? Here are five key reasons why our personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that it is:


Reason #1 — Police Reports Contain Crucial Information
Police reports typically contain the date and time of the accident, the contact information of everyone involved, witness statements, a description of the damage, insurance information, and much more. You will find some of the most pertinent and convincing evidence inside a police report. Also, most of the facts of your case are already laid out in the report, which is why it comes in handy when filing a claim with the insurance company.


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Reason #2 — Police Reports are Great for Settlement Negotiations
You can use police reports when negotiating with the insurance companies, which can ultimately help you avoid having to go to court. When undergoing negotiations, consult with a personal injury lawyer beforehand to determine if using the police report as leverage will help benefit your case.


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Reason #3 — Your Lawyer Will Need a Copy for Themselves
Producing a copy of the police report for your personal injury lawyer will also help make their job a lot easier. You are essentially providing them with a point of reference when building your case, and the report itself will also help them determine a settlement amount that is fair and deserving. Your car accident lawyer in San Diego will need all the help they can get and having a copy of the police report will ensure that they can do their job to the best of their abilities.



Reason #4 — You Can Refute Accusations Made by the Negligent Party
The person responsible for your injuries will likely want to avoid as much liability as they can. They will sometimes file a claim of their own with the insurance company to try and delegitimize your claim. Their claim will also likely contain information that directly contradicts your claim. Obtaining a copy of the police report will allow you to refute the at-fault party’s account of what happened.


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Reason #5 — Police Reports Will Ultimately Help Bolster Your Case
Police reports are essentially bargaining chips. They help to legitimize and support your claim. Reports made by responding police officers are objective and very persuasive to the insurance companies. You should also always make sure that you can obtain a copy of the police report or the necessary information to request the report, and provide it to your lawyer during your very first consultation.



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