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Information That Must Be Included in Your Personal Injury Claim

Filing a personal injury claim requires obtaining several key pieces of information. This includes specific documents and evidence that describe and corroborate the nature of the accident. This information also specifies the kind of injuries and damages you suffered.


Are you unsure about the information you need to include in your personal injury claim? Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego can help you establish a checklist of documents and evidence to help you get the process underway:


What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim involves the process of seeking financial compensation for injuries sustained in an accident. It’s a legal maneuver that doesn’t intend to punish the at-fault party but allows victims to recover damages caused by the accident. To strengthen your claim, you have to gather evidence that signifies the extent of the injuries.


Police Reports

Police reports are public records detailing how the accident occurred. These reports are available to anyone at any time and often serve as a starting point for an investigation. They also include extensive, helpful information so your attorney can explore every aspect of your claim.


Witness Statements

Witness statements involve any relevant information from the people who were at the scene of the accident. They can explain how it took place and who caused it. Several law enforcement agencies can conduct witness statements depending on the different jurisdictions that pertain to your case.


Medical Receipts

You should keep a record of medical bills and expenses. This includes emergency room visits, rehab appointments, and personal care from a physician. Your medical receipts help paint a picture of the severity of the accident. They also signify the challenges and pitfalls of undergoing a lengthy recovery period.


Visual Evidence

In other words, you should obtain pictures and videos of the accident. This includes anything that happened before, during, or after the incident. Before you leave the scene, it’s always advised that you obtain visual evidence of the wreckage and surrounding area. You should also document bruises, lacerations, or any other wounds you sustained.


Victim Statements

Your own testimony plays a substantial role in the process of filing a personal injury claim. Victims also offer statements on what happened and often have the best recollection of the events leading up to the accident. However, be mindful about how you communicate your side of the story. You don’t want to say or suggest anything that could jeopardize your case.


Proof of Losses

You should also obtain W2 forms and documents from your employers proving that the accident affected your earning capacity. You should also produce documents showing that the accident incurred additional losses, such as:


  • Expenses for alternative transportation
  • Purchases for at-home medical supplies and equipment
  • Anything that costs money to facilitate the recovery process


Always hang onto any receipts that indicate the expenses you have to pay due to the accident. Remember, your goal is to recover the maximum compensation.


Contact an Attorney Regarding Your Personal Injury Claim

An expert here at HHJ Trial Attorneys can assist you in filing a personal injury claim and obtaining compensation for your injuries. We can itemize every piece of evidence you produce and strengthen your case enough so lose. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we can get to work for you right away.


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