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4 Things To Know About Personal Injury Claims Payouts

Most insurance companies will opt to settle a personal injury case outside of court, which means that you’ll receive a payout. That compensation that should be favorable for you, and cover most, if not all, of your economic and non-economic damages. Personal injury claims involve many diverse factors, especially when it comes to settlement amounts.


Our personal injury lawyers want to help you understand more about how the process works – here are the four things that you need to know about personal injury claims payouts:


#1 – Knowing Who’s Involved
The two parties negotiating personal injury claims payouts will typically involve insurance adjusters and attorneys representing their clients. When you file a claim or sue a driver, you’ll have to deal with the insurance company, which has a team of lawyers you’ll be up against. However, you should let your attorney do all the talking for you – they can secure a personal injury settlement that is fair and adequate.


#2 – Understanding the Terms of Personal Injury Claims Payouts
Before you begin settlement negotiations, you should understand the payout terms. We want to go over some phrases you’ll need to know when seeking compensation for your injuries:

Once you and your personal injury attorney agree on a settlement amount from the insurance company, you can agree to cash disbursements that occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Or you can receive the entire lump sum of cash at once. The lump sum payout is most common. You should consult with your attorney about your options before making any decisions.



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#3 – Signing Important Legal Documents
For personal injury claims payouts to commence, you must sign an Order of Settlement containing a release form and other documentation. Once your attorney prepares everything, they’ll file the documents with the court system, if needed. These forms will explain the terms and conditions agreed upon in your legal settlement.


#4 – Hiring an Attorney Will Benefit You Immensely
When it comes to settlements and personal injury claims payouts, many people make the mistake of not hiring an attorney. Working with a legal expert ensures that you can put up a fair fight when negotiating with the insurance companies. Without the assistance of an attorney, you could potentially jeopardize the value of your claim and playout.



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At HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego, we understand all the nuances of personal injury law. We work with many different clients throughout California, seeking a fair and reasonable settlement for injuries suffered in serious accidents. We advise that you schedule an appointment with us today so that we can begin undergoing a case evaluation.


Testimonial from Michael, Personal Injury Client in San Diego
I would like to give HHJ Trial Attorneys, in particular Elliot Jung, Esq., a heartfelt thank you for your help in resolving my accident/injury settlement case. Thank you! Mr. Jung was thorough, professional, and stayed with my case long after I had thought it wasn’t possible. I appreciate the dedication and grant my full recommendation. Job well done, thank you again!

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