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Traumatic car crashes, collisions and other serious catastrophes can take a major toll on your life. It’s possible that you will have to go through an extensive recovery process to heal from your injuries so that you can live a normal life again. After the accident occurs, you need to act quickly and file a personal injury claim against the insurance company to recover compensation for the damages you incur.


Filing a personal injury claim is not a simple process however; in fact, there is a lot that happens from beginning to end. Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego want to go over five important aspects of the personal injury claims process that you can expect to happen:


  1. Consulting a Lawyer Before Filing a Claim
    The insurance companies are not always willing to pay the full amount that you are due, which is why you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. They can review the circumstances of your case to determine exactly how much money you can and should recover. Once you hire an attorney, they can begin the process of collecting evidence and calculating the full extent of your damages.



  1. Investigating the Legitimacy of Your Claim
    A personal injury lawyer will need to do their due diligence and examine the parameters of the accident. They have to know every single detail, including the circumstances that lead to the accident, the full extent of your injuries, and any medical treatment you will need to undergo. A personal injury lawyer doesn’t want there to be any surprises; they can do their job much more efficiently when they know everything beforehand.


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  1. The Discovery Phase
    Once, or if, a lawsuit is filed, discovery is where both parties have the opportunity to examine the legal claims being made to determine their legitimacy. The discovery phase is typically when your lawyer begins collecting additional evidence, such as witness testimony and depositions from the plaintiff and defendant. The time it takes to complete the discovery phase can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your case.


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  1. Negotiating with the Insurance Companies
    Most personal injury lawyers will settle your claim with the insurance companies out of court. They will make a demand to the insurance adjuster, and this will initiate negotiations between the two sides. Keep in mind that a majority of personal injury cases settle out of court because most insurance companies don’t want to deal with the legal and financial fallout that will ensue.



  1. Going To Trial
    A breakdown in negotiations can result in a lawsuit and potentially send your case to a trial, where your lawyer will have to argue on your behalf in front of a judge and jury. The jury will ultimately determine who is at fault and how much money you are due to cover the damages you sustained in the accident.




What Makes HHJ Trial Attorneys Different
The legal experts here at HHJ Trial Attorneys can handle your personal injury case and help you recover the compensation that you deserve. With decades of combined experience, we provide reliable legal services for victims of traumatic accidents. Ultimately, we ensure that you have proper representation when negotiating a settlement with the insurance companies.

Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our personal injury lawyers! We serve the greater community of San Diego and the surrounding areas.


Testimonial from Taylor, Satisfied Personal Injury Client 

I was personally referred to Elliott by a longtime friend, who also happens to be a respected attorney. When I explained my troubling legal matter, he didn’t hesitate to put me in contact with Elliot. Unfortunately, an assault/harassment occurred and I was left feeling very powerless and unsure of my options as a victim. Elliott immediately put my mind at ease with his knowledge, professionalism and most importantly, compassion. When coping with a traumatic experience, having an attorney that is smart and effective is wonderful, but having someone who will connect on a human level is equally important. Elliot made me feel validated during a tough time for me- and that was invaluable. Ultimately, Elliott is an expert in his craft. In dealing with a serious legal matter, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elliott to anyone. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case, Elliott went above and beyond as my attorney and advocate. Don’t hesitate to call him.

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