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What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury lawyer

What are Personal Injury Lawyer Responsibilities? 

The question of what are personal injury lawyer responsibilities is something that comes up quite often. Similar to any other job, there is a personal injury lawyer job description. Many people know that legal representation can be an important asset in pursuing a fair outcome after you’ve suffered an injury because of potential negligence. However, that understanding often extends to “hiring a lawyer” and not much further. What does a personal injury lawyer do for you when you request their services? What kinds of responsibilities do they have to fulfill in pursuit of providing you with excellent service? We will cover the responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer and help you to develop a better understanding of what does a personal injury lawyer do. 



Lawyer Roles and Responsibilities: Assess Your Likelihood of Success

First and foremost, one of the main lawyer roles and responsibilities is to ensure that you do not pursue legal remedies that have little or no chance of success. Sometimes you may not have the standing to sue someone, and in other cases, the burden of proof created by the law is too difficult to meet. Your lawyer will gather all the facts and determine if you have a case and the chance of success. While results aren’t ever guaranteed, this first step is one of the most important and is part of every personal injury lawyer job description. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Responsibilities: Handle Important Negotiations

No one wants to deal with the frustrating process of negotiating with an insurance company alone. Whether you’ve had your car insurance claim denied or the other party’s insurer refuses to provide you with a reasonable offer of compensation, you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold to argue with adjusters. A personal injury lawyer takes on that task instead, handling the back-and-forth discussions that could lead to a better settlement offer — or the sign you need to know it’s time to try other options.

personal injury attorney responsibilities

Lawyers Responsibilities: Importance of Gathering Evidence and Presenting Research

Personal injury lawyers understand in detail what the law requires in terms of proof to establish a claim of negligence or to otherwise press the claims necessary in these types of personal injury cases. As a result, they make it easier to gather evidence and present the facts in a coherent way that supports your overall case. When the law gets tricky, they also know where to research the answers to tough questions. Therefore, one of the key personal injury lawyer responsibilities is to gather evidence on your behalf. 

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do: Handle Court Filings and Procedural Issues

There are all kinds of forms, proper language, formatting, and deadlines when it comes to making legal filings before the court. This complex process shouldn’t be something you need to handle. Instead, it is the responsibility of your personal injury lawyer to appropriately prepare and file everything necessary to push forward with a suit in court. They will also handle notifying the other party and manage correspondence related to the case on your behalf.

Have an Injury Lawyer in Trial: Representation Before the Court is a Major Lawyer Responsibility

If your case proceeds to an actual lawsuit, your lawyer steps up to fulfill their most important responsibility to you: appearing as your advocate before a judge in court. Having an injury lawyer in trial is essential. You want nothing less than the best personal injury attorney standing by your side. Experience in these matters is very important, as office work and courtroom work are dramatically different. Along with this role, lawyers will also communicate any outcome from the court to you and handle compensation distribution.

What Does an Injury Lawyer Do? Call HHJ Trial Attorneys to Find Out! 
With so many responsibilities, personal injury lawyers are often very busy “behind the scenes,” working hard to create better outcomes for their clients. Have you recently experienced a slip and fall injury or a car accident injury that led to a loss of income or other impacts in your life? Assessing your legal standing with a personal injury firm today could be a good idea. At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we field a highly experienced team of litigators with a clear understanding of California law and litigation. In fact, HHJ Trial Attorneys was voted the Best Litigation Firm by the San Diego Union Tribune.  Contact us today for a friendly consultation.


Testimonial from Eric, a personal injury victim from San Diego

Just wanna say thank you to Elliott for helping me get through this case in every way possible. Upon finding out that I was in trouble, I was depressed and terrified. The status of the case made me lose confidence in myself and what any person or any lawyer could do for me.

When I was searching for lawyers, I happened to stumble upon Elliott. After much council and the many conversations we had, Elliott prepared me for the mental battles and gave me the reassurance I needed. Elliott was encouraging, optimistic, and most of all he was confident. That’s something I think you have to look for in a lawyer – confidence. When a lawyer is confident about their abilities, it transitions into the way they carry themselves and the way they handle the complexity of challenges that are given to them, such as my case.

In the end, I was able to get the best possible outcome. With Elliott’s services, I can continue to strive forward in life and focus on myself – an option I thought was nearly impossible. For all of these reasons, I would undoubtedly recommend Elliott’s services to anyone who is in need of a lawyer/attorney.


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